8 Techniques to Make Spring Cleaning Easy


8 Techniques to Make Spring Cleaning Easy
8 Techniques to Make Spring Cleaning Easy

As some of y’all may know, I have been complaining forever about how I want Spring to hurry up and get here. See, one of the reasons I was eager for the season is that there are dozens of home improvements I want to do, not to mention a top to bottom cleaning. Closet cleaning, making room, clearing out old stuff – there are dozens of reasons people clean in the Spring, notorious for its new beginnings. If that’s on your to-do list, too, then see if you can use these techniques to make Spring cleaning easy.

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Make Lists

As much as I want to get things accomplished, I find myself procrastinating. One of the ways you can make spring cleaning easy is to make lists for yourself. You should have a list of all the rooms you want to clean and then, for each room, you should have a list of what needs done there. I know it sounds a little tedious and detailed, but it really can help. I can often get more done if I have a list of goals set out before me.


Saving Time

One of the reasons I procrastinate on my Spring cleaning duties is that I know the whole endeavor is going to take so long. There’s no way to get around that, but you don’t have to do it all at once. Set up a schedule for yourself, a few hours for the kitchen, an hour for the bedroom, and so on. But, keep your word: do as much as you can in that time, but once your allotted time span is up, just stop and accept the room as good enough. This is a more effective use of your time, and you’ll keep yourself from getting too frustrated.


Organize the Chaos

Another technique that makes Spring cleaning easy involves staying organized. One of the things people do when they have a big clean up is get rid of all their clutter. They finally get rid of the things they no longer need or use. This is especially easy if you set up different bins, one each for items you want to keep, items you want to give away, and items you just want to chuck. Remember, if you haven’t used it in over a year, you probably don’t need it.


Storing Items

When it comes to storing items like winter coats, clothes, and linens, there is a good way to do things. It’s best if you have a closet or some other space specifically dedicated to these items. Doing so will save you time as well as money, because when winter rolls around or you need to make up a guest bed, you’ll know where everything is.


Use the Right Tools

There are tools that will help you with any cleaning endeavor you have. For example, a small broom helps with vacuuming, because it will pick help you to pick up dirt, hair, and dust in the corners of rooms and along the edges of baseboards; it helps with hardwood floors as well. Make sure you have dust cloths with you, and paper towels. Honestly, a Spring cleaning tool belt isn’t a bad idea…


Trust the Products

Although it might take some research and trials, finding the best cleaning products is a great technique to make spring cleaning easy. Choose effective supplies, so you can really let them do the work for you. That includes long mops and brooms that will save your back and multi-purpose cleaning products.


Double Duty

A bit of analysis and time management can also take you far. Whenever possible, do at least two things at once. Your foaming bubbles might be doing the job in your bathtub, for instance; while they’re doing their job, you can clean the mirrors or windows in the bathroom. You’ll save time this way, by using the time you have to more advantage.



Of course, prevention is an awesome technique too. Once you’re finished, try to keep your clutter minimized. Follow a weekly cleaning schedule to keep things in decent shape. Follow the tips you’ve created for yourself as well, like designated areas for certain items.

People clean in Spring because it’s like they’re ushering in a new, clean season and want their lives to follow suit. There are lots of techniques to make Spring cleaning easy and save time, while making sure you do get that new start. Do you have any other tips?

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I LOVE to use squeegee for washing my windows and mirrors. If there are any streaks left behind (most likely not too many), at least they will be vertical or horizontal rather than swirly....lol

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