7 Ideas for Emotional Spring Cleaning ...

The arrival of spring often prompts us to spring clean our home or start a new fitness regime. How often do we take a good look at our emotions, though? These are often left to their own devices, but it can be valuable to give them a good spring clean. Here are some ideas for what you can do to freshen up your psychological side.

1. Confidence

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Confidence is something that many of us lack. We feel very unsure of ourselves, and that we are not interesting, attractive or clever enough. That’s almost certainly untrue! So even if you don’t feel it, put on an act and fake confidence. If you give the impression that you believe in yourself, then others will believe it as well.

2. Forget the past

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It’s true that our attitudes are often shaped by the experiences of our past. The problem is that we usually allow these to affect us long past the point at which they are relevant. The fact is that we all have bad things happen at some point – that’s part of life. So start to put these experiences back in the past where they belong, and look forward instead.

3. Accept Mistakes

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We do tend to criticise ourselves, don’t we? Regrets are pointless though – you can’t change the past, you can only do things differently in the future. It’s time to stop beating ourselves up over past mistakes, and accept that it’s part of being human to get things wrong. That’s actually a pretty good way of learning how to get things right!

4. Life Hurts

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It would be very naΓ―ve to expect life to be perfect. Perfection doesn’t exist. Things go wrong that are out of our control, relationships break up, or we have health issues. That’s life. If we don’t have low points in our lives, or times that are less interesting, then how would we appreciate the better moments?

5. Forgive Yourself

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As I mentioned before, we all make mistakes. Yet somehow it seems harder to forgive ourselves than it does to forgive other people. If you’re still being tough on yourself for things you’ve got wrong, then it’s time for some emotional spring cleaning. Stop thinking that you are weak, a bad person or foolish and let go.

6. Optimism

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Optimism is a quality that is often is short supply. Sure, times are tough and it’s hard to foresee them improving in the near future, but being negative and worrying does our emotional health no good. We need to have more faith in ourselves and our abilities, and find positive ways of helping ourselves.

7. Move on

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Have you ever known someone who was stuck in the past, and forever dwelling on wrongs that were done to them? Someone who allows themselves to remain in that position will never move on. Stop spending time on regrets and wishing that things had been different, and look forward instead.

We spend a lot of time looking after our physical health, but pay far less attention to the emotional side. Certainly, it’s much more difficult, but it also brings rewards. So what ways can you suggest to do some emotional spring cleaning?

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