7 Ways to Make the Most of Small Closets ...


7 Ways to Make the Most of Small Closets ...
7 Ways to Make the Most of Small Closets ...

I live in a very small house with tiny closets; therefore I need to utilize every bit of space I can find. The closets are no exception to this rule. Tossing in a bunch of clothing, shoes, coats, and blankets might get everything out of sight right away, but it definitely leaves a lot of wasted area. Do you find yourself wondering what to do with your closet storage so that it’s used to its fullest potential? If so, then take a look at the following 7 ways to make the most of small closets.

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Throw out Things You Don’t Wear Anymore

I think the rule of maintaining your current selection of clothing includes something about tossing clothes out that haven’t been worn for at least 3 years. Maybe you extend this rule to 5 years or possibly you cut it down to a yearly thing. Sure those pants might come back in style in 20 years, but do you really want to take up space in your closet until then? If you don’t wear them, donate them to a local charity or resale shop where someone can get some good out of them.


Invest in Some Space Saving Storage Bags

The vacuum sealed storage bags are amazing! I was sold when I saw the commercial where the lady stuffed an entire comforter in the bag and sucked the air out until the bag was as thick as an encyclopedia. As long as the bags don’t become damaged and filled with extra sets of holes, these storage bags can provide you with a lot of extra room you didn’t even know you had.


Attach Hooks to Empty Wall Space

Hooks are suitable for belts, a coat, a bathrobe, a bag of socks, a cinch sack of lingerie, or anything else that can be hung up on a hook. The nice thing about a wall hook is that it generally takes only 1 or 2 screws to attach it to the wall and in the narrowest space too.


Utilize the Back of the Door for Hanging Belts or Shoes

I love those hanging shoe racks that hold 30 pairs of shoes or more. They come in a pocket form too that can be used for other items; such as socks, underwear, t-shirts, or anything else that is small and needs a place to go. I’ve even seen additional garment racks attached to hooks that fit right over the door, which gives you more room for shirts, pants, dresses, and skirts that need to remain on hangers.


Store Seasonal Clothing in Totes along the Closet Floor

I don’t know about your closet floor, but mine seems like there is a lot of extra space on it. I like to rotate summer and winter clothing since my closet space is limited. I box up the winter clothes during the summer and the summer clothes during the winter. The extra clothes are then stored in totes along the wall underneath all my clothes on hangers. I can use these totes to store folded up quilts on or pairs of shoes worn most often.


Hang Clothes from a High and a Low Bar

If you don’t have a shelf at the top of your closet, then you might have enough room to install an extra garment bar. One long one across the upper portion of the closet walls and a second shorter one around midway down the wall. This will give you enough room to hang long items on the big bar where the short bar doesn’t run parallel with it and shirts, pants, etc on the rest of the bar space; both upper and lower.


Add Shelves to the Walls

I can put a lot of stuff on a single shelf, so adding a few extras along the closet walls helps me utilize as much wall space as I can. Put a shelf towards the very top of the closet wall to use up additional space that would otherwise go unused. Positioning shelves 6 to 8 inches up off the floor provides space to put clothes, totes, or anything else that needs a place to go while still leaving you with room for shoes all along the bottom of the closet.

These 7 ways to make the most of small closets might be very handy some day. Who knows, maybe you can rearrange and add a few little touches here and there to create the ultimate storage space. How do you try to use up as much storage space in your closet as possible?

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This post is so helpful for me as a college student! I've been trying to cram all of my clothes and new stuff into my old room while I'm back home for the summer! I thought I had way to much stuff, but now I know how to make the most of my small space! Thanks so much!

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