7 Destinations for Your Unwanted Clothes ...


7 Destinations for Your Unwanted Clothes ...
7 Destinations for Your Unwanted Clothes ...

Every woman (and some men as well) need to sort through their closets on a regular basis, if only because it allows us to create space for new acquisitions! Most of us like to add to our wardrobes. Plus we need to get rid of clothes that are worn out, no longer fit, don’t suit us or that we’re bored with. But what can you do with them? Please don’t be tempted to just bin them! There are lots of destinations for your unwanted clothes …

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This is a great destination for unwanted items. Everybody wins – the charity raises funds, a shopper gets a bargain, while you gain space and know that you have done something good. Even clothes that are not good enough for sale can be sold to dealers for rags or recycling.



Of course, if you have a recycling centre or bin near you, you can always recycle the items directly. Then you know that, even though the clothes are not wearable, they will not end up in landfill. Even shoes can be recycled, so don’t throw those away either.


Animal Rescues

Have you found some tatty t-shirts, worn-out sweaters and past-their-best blankets? Wait before consigning them to the garbage – they can still serve a very useful purpose. Animal rescues can make good use of them as bedding for the residents, so that they can sleep comfortably and be warm in winter.


Women’s Shelter

Children grow out of their clothes so quickly that you soon end up with a pile of clothes that don’t fit any more. If you’re not planning to have any more children, or your younger child is a different sex from their older sibling, then why not donate them to a women’s refuge. The women there have often had to leave in a hurry, so any children’s or women’s clothes will be much needed.


Flea Market

It’s really fun having a stall at a flea market! Take any clothes in good condition, but vintage or quirky pieces do particularly well, as flea markets attract the more individually-minded dressers. You probably won’t make a fortune, but you’ll meet people, earn some money, get rid of your unwanted clothes and be able to buy more with the proceeds!


Resale Shop

My wardrobe is entirely untroubled by anything resembling a designer label, but if you have any really good quality clothes that you no longer want, then you could take them to a resale shop. This is especially useful for any designer ‘bargains’ that you regret having purchased – you might as well get back at least part of the purchase price.


Rag Bag

This is the Final Destination for your unwanted clothes. As an alternative to recycling, put them to another use (reuse is even better than recycling). Cut them up and use as rags for cleaning, polishing and any other dirty jobs in the home or garden. Or if you’re handy with a needle, salvage the best bits and use them to make other clothes for yourself or the children.

Personally I think capsule wardrobes are a magazine fantasy, and that we all have a LOT of clothes that we don’t want. So what do you do with your unwanted clothes – or do they just sit there occupying space in your closets?

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Sometimes, me and my friends exchange clothes we don't wear anymore. Is a great way to get new clothes for free and get rid of the ones you don't want.

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