7 Gorgeous Paisley Things to Own ...

I love paisley things, whether they're clothes or accessories. Paisley prints are so light, bright, and summery, you really can't help smiling when you see them. It's one of my favorite prints to wear in both the spring and summer, and I don't think it's highlighted nearly enough. To make amends for that, I've compiled a list of some really gorgeous paisley things to own – and I hope you like them too!

1. Purple Paisley Maxi Kaftan

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Price: $70.00 at us.topshop.com
Kaftan dresses are wonderful things to wear in summer because they're so light and airy. However, this is a gorgeous paisley print to own because it combines that style with a maxi dress – and, of course, with the paisley print! The color is lovely and would make a great addition to anyone's summer wardrobe, and the contrasting prints actually complement each other quite well.

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