5 Fun Floral Wardrobe Must-Haves...


5 Fun Floral Wardrobe Must-Haves...
5 Fun Floral Wardrobe Must-Haves...

Floral Wedge Heels

What a great way to put spring in your step! They come in different colored straps, too. I'm partial to the turquoise pair.

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This floral dress in a 50's cut is a total sweetheart. Paired with colored sunglasses and you got a look that is completely adorable.


Floral High Waist Shorts

What could be more vintage than this darling pair? Top it with a straw hat and you're all set for a wonderful day at the fair.


The Garden Collection of H&M is perfect for anyone who wants to drown in floral prints this spring. My fave is the dress with long, bell sleeves.


What's the best way to have all the floral goodies you want this season? By buying cheap, of course!
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I love those darling high waisted floral shorts!

Well, this put a little "spring" in my step ;-)

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