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7 Coolest Denim Shirts ...

By Kati

Denim shirts are a huge trend, and it’s not hard to see why! They can transform an okay outfit into a high fashion, look great and are super flattering too. I love dressing mine up and down! Celebrities are filling the fashion pages in these gorgeous shirts right now, and I’ve been searching for the seven coolest denim shirts...

1 Acne Oversized Denim Shirt

Acne Oversized Denim ShirtPrice: $180 at
This super cute Acne shirt mixes masculine styling and denim with the oversized trend, creating this gorgeous and oh-so-versatile shirt. I love the faded effect! It’s long enough to team with leggings and heels as a mini dress, or to wear open over a plain mini, or to wear with shorts or over leggings... any way you can think of! I love it.

2 Lee Sleeveless Western Denim Shirt

Lee Sleeveless Western Denim ShirtPrice: $25 at
This super cute denim shirt/waistcoat is perfect for adding the finishing touch to an outfit. Whether it’s a casual jeans outfit, cute shorts or a sexy mini, slipping this jacket over the top will give it an edgy feel, and make it right on trend. Try wearing it over a tame print dress, and teaming it with heels to stop it looking too casual. Gorgeous!

3 ASOS Blue Marble Denim Western Shirt

ASOS Blue Marble Denim Western ShirtPrice: $30 at
I couldn’t resist this jacket, and have been teaming it with every item in my wardrobe since it arrived. From the very flattering structure and comfortable fit to the stunning colours and great detailing, it really is everything you could want from a denim shirt. Skinny jeans, a cami and heels make this into an effortless yet very chic outfit, which is perfect for any occasion.

4 Whistles Oversized Denim Chambray Shirt

Whistles Oversized Denim Chambray ShirtPrice: $126 at
This shirt is tailored to be flattering while keeping the ‘I stole this from my boyfriend’ look. And wow, does it look great when worn right! It looks a little too big and shapeless to wear loose, so I’d recommend wearing over a cami, and undoing the top few buttons. Then add a big belt, by folding in the shirt, and some heels. Sexy, and effortless!

5 Sessun with Strangers Denim Chambray Patchwork Shirt

Sessun with Strangers Denim Chambray Patchwork ShirtPrice: $152 at
This shirt has a very vintage-y feel about it, which makes it perfect for teaming with a retro outfit! From the pleating to the diamond-patchwork on the back, it does all the talking, so teamed with a white vintage dress or jeans and a cami. Cute retro styled kitten heels will finish this look perfectly!

6 Lee Denim Zip Shirt

Lee Denim Zip ShirtPrice: $30 at
Oh wow, I love this shirt! It’s perfect for wearing on Summer days with a cute mini or over a dress... any way you could think of wearing it, it’s sure to look great. It’s tailored to give a small waist illusion, fitted to feel good and flatter, and the zip fastening keeps it looking modern and edgy. It’s just perfect.

7 Mango Chambray Oversized Shirt

Mango Chambray Oversized ShirtPrice: $50 at
I love Mango’s fresh take on the oversized shirt, by adding feminine touches such as the bows on the sleeves. The super light blue is perfect for Summer, too, and the straight bottom is great for adding height. Team this with skinny jeans or leggings, a bright cami and some gorgeous gladiator heels. Divine!

Denim shirts are the perfect wardrobe update, adding a whole new element instantly, and being so on trend too! I love dressing mine up... it’s amazing how you can instantly change the look with different heels or a bright new accessory! Have you found a gorgeous denim shirt? Please share it with me!

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