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7 Best Denim Skirts for Back to School ...

By Cherith

I wear lots of skirts, and my favorite kind of skirt is a denim skirt. I shop around and find the best deals on my favorite brands. There are a few super cute skirts I simply could not resist. Believe it or not, I actually ended up buying them all. Here is my list of 7 Best denim skirts that you have to have in- your back to school wardrobe. I can’t wait for you to see them!

1 Lady-in-Charge Skirt

Lady-in-Charge SkirtPrice: $39.95 at
This is the most adorable skirt! I would say it’s made for the girl who likes to take charge of her fashion! This denim skirt has pockets at the side without the bulk and falls flat against your hips. Nautical stripes and a cool rolled hem set the stage for the ship-shape rope belt at the waist. Too cute!

2 Pencil Skirt

Pencil SkirtPrice: $19.99 at
Do you like pencil skirts? This one is a perfect match for a cute red tee. Really, any color would look great, but I think red looks classy with dark denim. What do you think?

3 Denim Flared Skirt

Denim Flared SkirtPrice: $25.00 at
Another dark denim skirt, but this one flares at the bottom. This makes a dressier skirt and is perfect with a nice, bright sweater for this fall. Or, pair it with a short jacket and camie. What color works best? Try a hot pink or aqua blue!

4 Genuine Kids from Oshkosh

Genuine Kids from OshkoshPrice: $11.99 at
If you have a little girl going into kindergarten, she will look simply adorable in this little jean skirt! Perfect with Mary Janes or Oxfords, or even little cowboy boots! Finish the outfit with a turtleneck and cute bolero vest.

5 Saka’s Four Button High Waist

Saka’s Four Button High WaistPrice: $26.99 at
After many years of low-rise jeans, this high waist skirt almost looks funny! But seriously, if you can wear a high waist, this skirt is definitely a go. It looks lovely with a peasant style blouse and gladiator sandals.

6 Oshkosh Bleach Jean Skirt

Oshkosh Bleach Jean SkirtPrice: $11.99 at
One more cute skirt for your toddler girl! This on is bleached with a little ruffle on bottom. Pockets at the hip and belt loops make this skirt look just like mommy’s. Cute with tennis shoes, bobby socks, t-shirt, and pig-tails!

7 Vintage City Camo

Vintage City CamoPrice: $19.95-28.95 at
Not technically denim, but I love this skirt. I would wear it with pink or red because I love those colors with gray and black. Although any color or style works, t-shirts match especially well with this type of skirt.

That’s my list of best back to school denim skirts for this year. What do you think? Are any of these hanging in your closet? What do you wear them with?

Top Photo Credit: Shannonkristine

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