7 Modest Yet Cute Outfits for Teens ...


7 Modest Yet Cute Outfits for Teens ...
7 Modest Yet Cute Outfits for Teens ...

In the society we live in today, it's almost OK to think that anything goes. You can walk out on the street and see young girls in booty shorts or shirts so low you can almost see their belly button if they bend over! Well, I'm not pleased with that. What happened to modesty? Besides, not everyone wants to see what you see when you're taking a shower! Here's the good news, you can still be cute and in style without showing your navel. Here are 8 inspiring modest yet cute outfits for teens!

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Jean Skirt

Jean Skirt Photo Credit: jenn.kirk

This is the all-American, classic, girl-next-door look. I don't think it will ever go out of style! Her skirt here is a very flattering length, right above the knee and it's not too clingy, yet not so baggy that it falls down. The belt adds a nice touch and her shirt keeps the look casual with one button open at the top. I love the necklace she accessorized with!


Tailored Shirt

Tailored Shirt Photo Credit: ModesTeen

I love the classy feel of this outfit! The longer skirt is good for a formal or dressy occasion, and the shirt is classy yet not stiff and tight. The aqua vest adds a pop of color! You could recreate this outfit with any white button-up shirt, a knit vest of any color, and khaki slacks if you don't wear skirts often.


Smooth Slacks

Smooth Slacks Photo Credit: ModesTeen

You don't have to steer away from one type of shirt just because it's too low or loose in the top. All you have to do is add a camisole underneath it! It's a quick way to add modesty and femininity to a look! The slacks pictured here are loose fitting and flattering. Brown and tan go nicely together as well!


Pencil Skirt

Pencil Skirt Photo Credit: jenn.kirk

Who says Pencil skirts have to be only for adults or businesswomen? They can be fun for teens too! Dress them down with a simple tank- I love the one pictured here because it's very modest, with a high neck and no spaghetti straps. Add a long chunky necklace and some cute heels or flats for a more casual look. Viola! You've invented a new look!


Sweet Dresses

Sweet Dresses Photo Credit: jenn.kirk

If you say you're not much of a girly-girl and don't like to wear dresses, maybe this will change your mind! You can wear a basic black or any solid color dress like the girl on the right in a flattering knee-length dress. I love how she accessorized with the flower headband! If you do like a preppy flair, take a clue from the girl on the left and wear a jacket over a tube top or sleeveless dress. The bright tights and cute belt add personality and style!


High-waisted Skirt

High-waisted Skirt Photo Credit: jenn.kirk

Most girls will balk when they hear the word "high-waisted". It seems so granny-ish! High-waisted skirts and pants usually ARE a bit on the grandma side, but not if you wear the right shirt and accessories. As pictured here, this outfit is really cute and in style! Give it a whirl once, if it's not for you then no one can say you didn't try it! And you may find a new style that you love!



Leggings Photo Credit: acertainsmile

If you have a cute skirt that's just a bit short, you can make it more modest by wearing leggings underneath it. Tights don't really work because they are so thin it still shows your skin through, but leggings are thicker and you can get them in many different lengths, patterns, colors and designs. Leggings are also a great fall accessory and keep your legs warm when it's nippy out! For the more feminine out there, look for leggings with lace on the edges to soften your look.

Don't be afraid to take a stand for modesty because you're worried about what your friends will think or say. People will always find something or someone to talk about even if they are seemingly perfect. It's possible to be in style AND modest at the same time! And it may surprise you to find that most guys respect a well-dressed girl better than they do a girl who dresses immodestly. Did you get any tips for dressing modestly?

Top Photo Credit: hickitypickity1

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the pencil skirt is cute, never goes out of style!

The skirt and the shirt is cute but together there quite gruesome and the shoes and the belt are just not doing it im sorry.

Skirts are elegant and never outdated.

lolll , these are ALL ugly , especially the first one xD

i am 12 and honestley i am quite stylish in what i present my self with bet all of the clothes here are horrible, like the top one is what a 7 year old would where and all the rest look like they have been desighned by jane ere or somthing. these clothes are great for over 60 or under 8`s but not teens come on!!!! by the way you need some younger models to represent teen clothing. but you have got the right idia.:-)

Oh gosh I'm sorry but no, just no. I'm 12 and trust me 0 people I know would consider wearing that.

In England we wear leggings without a skirt and the trend at the momment is to wear seriously short shirts. I hate it!

Sorry I mean skirts

Hi, i'm a teenager and i kind of disagree with this article. I mean which country were you making this for? I live in a tropical country and it is normal for us girls to wear crops tops, shorts (like new look hotpants), tanks etc. We are not trying to be slutty, it's just TOO hot to wear half the things you suggest on here! Great article though. If i lived in somewhere like England i'd agree :)

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