7 Modest Yet Cute Outfits for Teens ...

In the society we live in today, it's almost OK to think that anything goes. You can walk out on the street and see young girls in booty shorts or shirts so low you can almost see their belly button if they bend over! Well, I'm not pleased with that. What happened to modesty? Besides, not everyone wants to see what you see when you're taking a shower! Here's the good news, you can still be cute and in style without showing your navel. Here are 8 inspiring modest yet cute outfits for teens!

1. Jean Skirt

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Photo Credit: jenn.kirk

This is the all-American, classic, girl-next-door look. I don't think it will ever go out of style! Her skirt here is a very flattering length, right above the knee and it's not too clingy, yet not so baggy that it falls down. The belt adds a nice touch and her shirt keeps the look casual with one button open at the top. I love the necklace she accessorized with!

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