7 Back to School Outfits for Your Elementary Child ...

Does your elementary school age child stress over what to wear for school? Do you, as a parent, stress over money spent, and time wasted on clothes for a child who doesn't like what you buy? Here are your solutions! Browse these selections with your child and both of you will be happy going back to school! Here are 7 back-to-school outfits for your little one!

1. Style Smarty

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Price: $89.75 at gymboree.com

Even the littlest preppy girl will love this outfit! It's adorable, from the hair clip/barrette to the little flats, isn't it? The colors are neutral enough for you to match leggings and a cardi once the weather gets cooler, too.

2. Soccer Girl

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Price: $105.25 at gymboree.com

If your little girl is part princess, part sports buff, then this is an outfit she'll love! I adore those sparkly high-top tennis shoes, and the pleated denim skirt is sporty and fun!

3. Tropically Sweet

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Price: $57.00 at gymboree.com

When school first starts, there's plenty of time to wear this before the weather gets cooler. It's easy-peasy for those rushed mornings, but be sure to give her a cardi, just in case...

4. Round 'Em up

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Price: $84.75 at gymboree.com

Yee-haw, little cowgirl! I can see this on a little girl with her hair tied back in a ponytail... I love the boots, and the little denim shirt... so cute!

5. Get in Position

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Price: $45.00 at gymboree.com

Does your little man dream of being a rugby star someday? Then get him prepped for action now in this adorable outfit! I love the little cargo pants, too...

6. Flag Finish

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Price: $83.50 at gymboree.com

Oh so cute! I mean... oh so tough? This would look great on a little mini-skateboarder, with thos Vans-type shoes and the distressed cuffed jeans...

7. Tiered Plaid Dress

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Price: $24.50 at childrensplace.com

This isn't an entire outfit, but you sure could build one around this sweet plaid dress! Add black tights and cute booties or high-tops with a cute headband and you're set with a perfect fall back-to-school outfit!

With so many adorable, ready-to-wear back-to-school outfits, you can now turn your attention to the other pressing questions

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