10 Sexy Halloween Masks to Match Your Little Black Dress ...


10 Sexy Halloween Masks to Match Your Little Black Dress ...
10 Sexy Halloween Masks to Match Your Little Black Dress ...

You probably equate Halloween parties with wild drinking with some friends (and strangers). That's fine and all but wouldn't it be nice to do a classy, LBD type of Halloween event this year? Yes, there will be liquor but everyone will be smartly dressed. Think: masquerade ball without the over-the-top dresses; a Halloween soiree in your sleek and sexy LBD. To complete your look, here are beautiful masks to choose from:

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Swan Lake

Swan Lake Price: $175 at etsy

How wonderfully decadent is this? If you invited Marie Antoinette to your little party, I imagine that she will be wearing this. Now if you want to channel your inner Marie Antoinette for your Halloween LBD party, this mask will be a great choice.


Ivory, Cream, and Lace

Ivory, Cream, and Lace Price: $39.99 at etsy

Paired with a sexy and simple black dress, you will look like the belle of your Halloween ball with this delicate mask. This was originally made for a wedding or prom but there is no one stopping you from using it for Halloween.


Autumn Brilliance

Autumn Brilliance Price: $35 at etsy

This is a two-for-one mask. You get to use it for Halloween and pay homage to the wonderful autumn season at the same time. Brilliant, indeed.


Blue Spriteling

Blue Spriteling Price: $39 at etsy

You will be like a sexy ice queen with this pearly aqua mask and your LBD. Match your party decor for 100% awesome-ness.


Vixen Half Mask

Vixen Half Mask Price: $32 at etsy

How gorgeous! Made of black leather, you can make this an all-year accessory. Never mind the stares; people will obviously be envious.


Raven Leather Mask

Raven Leather Mask Price: $59 at etsy

This is obviously a piece of art. You don't even have to buy a designer dress to match this. For sure, your guests will be riveted by this gorgeous leather mask.


Signora Bianca

Signora Bianca Price: $68 atetsy

You will look dazzling with this white mask on, for sure. Pin back your hair to a tight bun, slip on your LBD, add a delicate pearl bracelet, and you're good to go. Don't forget your sky-high heels.


Jester Carnivale

Jester Carnivale Price: $350 at etsy

Okay, this is expensive but I had to include a mask in red and white. You pair those colors with your LBD and you will surely look smashing.


Sheer Black Lace

Sheer Black Lace Price: $18 at etsy

Seriously, how hot is that? The best part: you can go the DIY route.



Steampunk Price: $38 at etsy

This mask is the very definition of cool. If you happen to like steampunk style as much as I do, you will no doubt agree with me.

So tell us, are you going to have an adult (read: classy and non-wild) Halloween party this year? Even if you are going to a crazy one with crazy costumes, do you think you can get away with wearing just an LBD and one of these masks?

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These are awesome! Just gave me several ideas for great halloween costumes!!! o_O

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