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7 Pretty Patterned Tights and Leggings ...

By Jennifer

I absolutely love the way the right pair of patterned tights or leggings can pull an outfit together, or just add a little style… I love how they look layered with long-line tops and vests, with above-the knee dresses and skirts, even with shorts! And they’re still so trendy right now, so why not add a few new pairs to your fall wardrobe? Here are 7 pretty patterned tights and leggings…

1 Lace Leggings in Black

Lace Leggings in BlackPrice: $32.99 at
Sometimes, nothing but lace will do, and if that’s the case, then these are the leggings for you! Wear them with your LBD and tall, sleek boots, or with a tee and long-line vest and flats.

2 Launch Plaid Tights

Launch Plaid TightsPrice: $24.99 at
I’m mad about plaid, so these tights are a must-have! They’re ultra-thick, perfect for layering under a wool skirt with stacked-heel loafers or saddle shoes… I love the little splashes of blue and yellow… so pretty!


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3 I Dot You, Babe Tights

I Dot You, Babe TightsPrice: $17.99 at
Who doesn’t love dots? I love these tights because you can wear them with just about anything, though they look best with a frilly frock, a belted trench, and a pair of Mary Janes… Look closely! They’re grey, not black…

4 Unending Angles Tights

Unending Angles TightsPrice: $13.99 at
Wear this variation on the classic fishnet with any of your fall dresses, add a blazer and some boots, and you’ve got an attention-getting ensemble! I love the angles, all the points and lines… so unique!

5 Grey Peacock Feather Tights

Grey Peacock Feather TightsPrice: $29.99 at
I’ve been eyeing these tights for ages, though I’m not sure I’m brave enough to wear them… are you? If I was a little bolder, I’d wear these with a short cord skirt, a blue long-line vest, and some flats… maybe I’ll try them…

6 Forever21 Lace Print Tights

Forever21 Lace Print TightsPrice: $5.80 at
Add a layer of pretty, feminine lace with these print tights! They come in a range of colors to match all of your favorite fall clothes. Choose from black, brown, or navy… or all three!

7 Forever21 Striped Knit Leggings

Forever21 Striped Knit LeggingsPrice: $5.50 at
Yikes, stripes! These knit leggings are on trend and look great with boots or sneakers, or even flats… they’re perfect for layering with skirts or shorts or dresses… or anything, really!

So many pretty patterned tights and leggings, and so many ways to wear them! They’re so versatile, and so much fun to wear. Which of these tights and leggings do you like best, and what would you wear them with? Do tell!

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