10 Stunning Party Dresses under $50 ...

A dress is undoubtedly the most practical item ever! It fits great even if you gain a few pounds, does wonders in those periods when you feel like a watermelon (yup, you know what I’m talking about) and there is almost no color coordination, mixing and matching involved. No love handles either so that’s a huge plus! But let me show you these 10 fab party dresses I found online, in hope that some of you may be eligible for free shipping and in need of a good party dress idea.

1. Embellished Capsleeve Dress

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Price: $27.80 at forever21.com
Wow! I love the beads and the way they glitz up this relatively simple dress style. You don’t want to show all your feminine attributes at once, right? So here’s the chance to make everyone’s head turn while remaining zipped up to your chin…literally! I’m sure the Stairmaster did its magic, now it’s time to show those gorgeous legs of yours!

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