10 Black Tie Appropriate Cocktail Dresses ...

The Dress Code** --- **sometimes clearly defined, but oftentimes very vague. If one thing is guaranteed, it is that black tie events require a distinguished, classic attire. Because of this prerequisite and sometimes discerning eyes of partiers, dressing up can be conforming and quite boring amidst so many ankle-length dowdy gowns. Here are ten cocktail dresses that fulfill your RSVP requirement to be β€œup to code,” while still looking trendy and chic.

1. ASOS Oversized Sequin Shift Dress

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Price: $146.54 us.asos.com

Beading and sequins instantly turn a mere work-appropriate outfit into a flirty cocktail dress. While classically appropriate from the front, your sexiness exudes when turning around to mingle, revealing an open back that will garner a lot of attention. Those hot philanthropists will be hitting on you in no time.

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