10 Everyday Dresses That a Bridesmaid Could Wear - for under $100 ...

This is a guest post written by Dana of the fabulous budget fashion blog, Fashion Under $100. Check out her blog if you want to know how to copy your favorite celebrity's style, for under $100. But first, enjoy her guest post!

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If you’ve ever been a bridesmaid in a wedding, you know that finding a dress can be quite the ordeal. Making appointments, getting custom fitted, placing an order several months in advance, and paying $200 or more can get really complicated. Here are 10 bridesmaid-worthy dresses that you can find at the mall or online. All of them cost $100 or less, and are versatile that your bridal party will be able to wear them again and again.

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This feminine, flirty dress is perfect for a spring or summer wedding, and the sweetheart bustline will be flattering on all body types. The color is cheerful and the ruffle at the waist adds interest to the slim silhouette.

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