7 Cute Stockings for Kids ...

I love the holidays, and one of my favorite traditions this time of year is choosing and stuffing just the right stocking for all of the kids on my list. My daughters, my niece, my boyfriend’s children — they’re all so much fun to shop for because they’re all so different, with different hobbies, interests, and styles. I always buy their stockings from Pottery Barn Kids, too, because they have so many themes and designs to choose from, and they’re top quality! This year’s line is no exception, with so many cute, festive stocking to choose from. Here are 7 cute stockings for kids, from my favorite children’s décor store, Pottery Barn Kids. Best of all, they’re all ready to be personalized for a small fee in just about any script you like!

1. Pottery Barn Kids Reindeer Quilted Stocking

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Price: $19.00 at potterybarnkids.com
This mocha brown, charming reindeer is just the right choice to guard your little one’s goodies once Santa stuffs the stocking. The stocking is a generous 11” wide by 20” long, roomy enough for a Terry’s chocolate orange, new lip balm, and loads of other well-deserved treats.

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