7 Pretty Pink Dresses to Wear on Valentine's Day ...

Do you know what you’re going to wear on Valentine’s Day? If not, I have a suggestion: skip the sultry red and wear something sweet and pink instead! Why not? There are so many ways to wear it, including dozens of gorgeous pink dresses. And here are a few of my favorites! Here are 7 pretty pink dresses to wear this Valentine’s Day…

1. Blushing Bohemian Dress

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Price: $89.99 at modcloth.com
This is the ideal Valentine’s Day frock for the slightly Boho girl, a girl who marches to the beat of her very own drummer. It’s made of sheer, frothy pink silk with a polyester lining, and would look lovely with a netted headband, long necklace, patterned tights, and peep-toe pumps.

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