7 Sweet Dresses for Your Baby Girl ...


7 Sweet Dresses for Your Baby Girl ...
7 Sweet Dresses for Your Baby Girl ...

Little girl dresses are the absolute sweetest thing next to apple pie! All those ruffles and bows and little flowers just make you want to say "aww!" til you're blue in the face! Here are the 7 sweetest dresses I've found for baby girls.

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Flower Fairy

Flower Fairy Price: $24.99 at amazon.com
If this dress doesn't melt your heart, I don't know what will! It comes with the most darling little hat that reminds me of fairies. The cute flowers sprinkled all over the dress are beautiful, but your little angel will be gorgeous in this little number!



Cinderalla Price:$52.75 at amazon.com
Can anybody say "Cinderella"? Your daughter will be an absolute princess in this pink fluffy dress with a flower right at the waist. Too adorable to pass up!


Thanksgiving Turkey

Thanksgiving Turkey Price: $25.99 at amazon.com
With thanksgiving just around the corner, its not too early to buy your little darling this cute turkey jumper with adorable bows on the shoulder! This would look super sweet with little pantaloons underneath it and black leather shoes with buckles. And can't you just picture little pigtails in her hair!


Sailor Sunsuit

Sailor Sunsuit Price: $17.95 at amazon.com
You could not get anymore precious than this! Sweet little bow at the neckline and bloomers underneath? Let me just say AWW! Has a little hat to match even!


Denim Darling

Denim Darling Price: $26.50 at amazon.com
Dressed up in denim, your little darling will be a doll! Can't you just picture this dress with a sweet little ruffled shirt under it or little white tennis shoes? It's grown up but sweet and little girly at the same time. She could wear this one right up through fall, just pair a little sweater and boots with it.


Sweetheart in a Smock

Sweetheart in a Smock Price: $21.99 at amazon.com
Wearing a purple checkered, tiered smock dress your baby will be such a cutie- pie! I love the little puffed sleeves. This dress will be perfect for fall with a little jean jacket and some wool tights. Don't forget to add some purple ribbons, little girls just aren't little girls without bows in their hair!


Belle of the Ball

Belle of the Ball Price: $29.99 at amazon.com
Little Sally will be the star of the party in this gorgeous polka dot dress with pink ruffles along the edges! Pair it with brown flats for end of summer or a pink sweater and furry pink boots for an early fall party. Either way, she will be a princess!

All women love to play dress up, so why should little girls be any exception? Let your little girl have all the ruffles and bows she wants because pretty soon, she'll be as tall as you and wanting to borrow YOUR clothes. So buy one of these prissy little dresses today and let her feel like a queen! Which dress do you like the best?

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