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5 Button-down Shirts to Complete Your Closet...

By Meream

1 Chambray

I have yet to find a good chambray shirt but I am not ending my search anytime soon. The fact that it looks great with glittery skirts will definitely make me look even harder!

2 Plaid

This style I have in blue and red. Looking at this selection, though, made me realize that I should invest in other colors. One with ruffles will be awesome, too.

3 Silk

For a bit of a grown up vibe, a silk button-down in a dark color is a must. This will be your best friend for interviews, casual weekday coffee dates with the girls, or meeting the boyfriend's folks.

4 White

A must-have, if you ask me. Not only are they great both dressed down and dressy, there are also many styles and textures to choose from.

5 the Wildcard

This should be a shirt in a fun color or with a fun print. The one in the top photo is a great example. In my wardrobe, it's a vintage piece in paisley.

Are you a fan of button-down shirts? Seen a style or cut lately that you liked? Show us a link and we'll drool over it with ya!

Top Photo Credit: Style Bubble

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