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7 Dresses to Laugh at ...

By Melanie

I have came across many dresses that have inspired this blog posting on 7dresses to laugh at. I have finally gotten the chance to write the blog! I am wondering if you will find these dresses just as funny as I do.

7 Hamburger Dress

Hamburger Dress Photo Credit: Studio DIsco

Yes, this is definitely one that you should laugh at. I mean, if you want to wear it, I’m sorry if I offended you. I have nothing else to say.

6 Toilet Paper Dress

Toilet Paper Dress Photo Credit: lillian30

This one is actually pretty cool and I don’t really want to laugh at it when I first see it. However, when I learn that it is made out of toilet paper, I definitely want to shed a giggle.

5 Condom Dress

Condom Dress Photo Credit: ma_lu

OMG, I have witnessed it all now! I guess a girl who wears this will be well prepared for her date! Okay, I like weird things, but not even I would wear a dress made out of condoms – not in public.

4 Look Closer at This Dress

Wow, what a dress. If you look closer at this plain, white dress, you are going to see something. Okay, don’t say I did not warn you! Nope, this is definitely not your ordinary wedding dress.

3 Safety Dress

Safety Dress Photo Credit: sgoralnick

This one is cute – not really, but if you were to do a construction job at your own home, it might be cute. You will definitely be noticed in this dress.

2 Skittles Dress

Skittles Dress Photo Credit: Selfia Rayonette

Are you a skittle type of girl? If you are, then this dress is exactly for you. You will be like a walking billboard for the Skittle candy company.

1 Starburst Wrapper Dress

Starburst Wrapper Dress Photo Credit: Sara & Abe

Wow, this one puts a whole new meaning to recycling, don’t you think? If you even attempt to make this, you have to post a photo for us to see!

So, there you have 7 dresses to laugh at. Which one did you find the funniest on here?

Top Photo Credit: jojoling

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