7 Little Black Skirts ...

We’ve all got our favorite Little Black Dress, the slinky or frilly number that makes us look and feel like a superstar, flattering and fetching. Ah, but what about the skirt version, a Little Black Skirt? Keep two or three of them in your closet, and you’ll never be stuck for something to wear on date night or Monday at the office. Allow me to explain… here are 7 Little Black Skirts.

1. Encore, Encore Skirt

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Price: $47.99 at modcloth.com
Look at the pretty ruffle detail along the side of this skirt! Wouldn’t this look beautiful with a sheer grey blouse, patterned black tights, and red patent peep-toes? Or a crisp white blouse and yellow accessories? It’s hand-washable, made of 100% polyester by Moon Collection.

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