8 Items You Need for the Grunge Trend ...


8 Items You Need for the Grunge Trend ...
8 Items You Need for the Grunge Trend ...

OMG. Grunge is coming back! I am so excited! I love paying attention to the latest trends and styles, but I have never in life been so completely excited. I think I've mentioned about a million times how much I loved this style back in the day – and now that it's back with an edgier, more modern twist, I couldn't be happier. If you're excited too, check out these 8 items you need for the grunge trend!

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A Little Floral Dress

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Whether it's a baby baby doll dress or something a bit subtler, you need a little floral piece. It gives a feminine edge to the whole grunge style, and looks spectacularly stellar with tights, leggings, and combat boots. It has the added bonus of being versatile, so you can wear it even when you aren't doing the grunge thing.



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Either you can put down the hair brush, or you can spend an hour styling your hair so it looks like you didn't do anything to it. Both options will work for the grunge look! However, I do not recommend the dirty, stringy, greasy look. I mean, that worked back in the day, but I'm not sure how many of us would want to try pulling it off now.


The Obligatory Flannel Shirt

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Grunge isn't grunge without flannel – preferably layered. And hey, there's nothing more comfortable than a favorite old flannel shirt, one that's been washed so many times it feels like gauzy cotton. That is my absolute favorite!


Plenty of Plaid Too

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While you're at it, you better make sure those flannels feature some plaid. It's just a grunge thing, you know? You can't get away from it. Fortunately, there are some gorgeous, girly plaid palettes floating around out there – or you can just go hardcore.


Dr. Martens

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I already have these. From the original days of grunge, no less. They are all I ever wear in winter. Docs are a must – and they are still hella cool, so that's all good, right? Trust me, although they cost a pretty penny, they last forever and a day. Mine are like … well, never mind how old they are. That's totally not the point.


Dark Eyes

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As far as make up goes, you want to look moody and broody and dark. So, you'll need lots of dark eyeliner and shadow. Then, you smear it around your eyes. I'm so not kidding – but don't worry. It looks way hotter than it sounds. Just don't go all Taylor Momsen with it, okay? A little bit goes a very long way.


Distressed & Faded Denim

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Jeans are in with almost every trend, but now you want it faded. You want it distressed and ripped and full of holes. Cutoffs are going to be cool again (when paired with #8), and the more strings and frays, the better. The good news is, you can buy them that way now, you don't have to go to the trouble yourself.


Tattered Tights

Tattered Tights Image source: s3prod.weheartit.netdna-cdn.com

What's grunge without a bunch of hole ridden tights? You can buy tights that way now too, which is a lot easier than trying to do it on your own. That's pretty much impossible. I ruined so many pairs of tights.

Bonus: A Scowl
As a bonus, don't forget your scowl. That, too, will show that you are moody, broody, and deep. No, actually, I'm serious. You need the right facial expression to work this trend!

Even given my facetiousness, I am super stoked about this. I want to go out and buy everything right now – except the Docs, of course, although I can always use another pair. So tell me, are there any fashion trends you wish would come back? Any that you want to go away?

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Awesome, I didn't even know there was such a thing as Grunge style :0 but i was wearing it anyway! XD

I love the grunge look. It doesn't look good on me though:( I wish the 40s womens hair and the 60s womens clothes would come back, and the baggy pants with tons of bling would go away

Cool list, love the grunge look!

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