10 Things Everyone Should Have when Flying ...


10 Things Everyone Should Have when Flying ...
10 Things Everyone Should Have when Flying ...

Spring is in the air and soon summer thereafter, which means you or someone you know will be making their way through an airport sooner or later. Keep these 10 things with you to make the traveling experience more enjoyable. They'll make the time fly... pun intended!

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Face Mask

If the swine flu outbreak taught us anything last summer, it was to be more aware of the things we came in contact with. Washing our hands frequently, sneezing into our elbows, and carrying sanitizer were just a few of the things we put into practice. Take it a step further by wearing a face mask while you are going through the airport. They are a cute and convenient way to protect yourself from any airborne illnesses that may be flying around with you.


Passport Cover

I hate it when I am in line at the security check in and the person in front of me is shuffling around their monstrosity of a bag and chuckling through an “I’m sorry, it was right here!” Avoid the embarrassment by keeping everything you need inside a cute passport cover. Available in a ton of styles, they keep everything you need in one convenient place and are easy to spot in a purse or backpack, allowing you to breeze through check in.


Over-sized Beanie

Lets face it, traveling can be stressful. With schedules to keep and gates to run to who really has time to make sure they look good? Keep it together with an over sized beanie. They are flattering to any face shape, comfortable to wear, and perfect in all weather conditions. Most importantly, they keep your hair under wraps until you can get a chance to style it.



This may seem like a no brainer, but for most people sunglasses are more of an afterthought than an essential. Keep a good pair with you, one that flatters your face shape. They are great to have just in case, especially if you’re flying to a different time zone. They provide an easy way to hide your jet lag and will help your internal clock stay balanced.


Noise Reducing Headphones

If you are like me and like to catch as many z’s as you can throughout the duration of your flight, these are a must! Not only do they deliver the sounds from your iPod clear as crystal, but they block out most if not all background noise. So that five-year-old in the back screaming his head off won’t phase you in the least. As for the other passengers…


Nintendo DS/DS Lite

As much as I love you Justin, I can only listen to your album so many times before it gets played out. This is where the Nintendo DS comes in. Everyone loves games and with a wide variety available you are bound to find a few that tickle your fancy. Whether you want to help Mario bust Bowser, practice your French, or snap pictures of yourself, the good battery life will ensure your DS will keep you entertained throughout the duration of your flight.



Before you start cracking up at the thought of buying a big pink backwards robe consider this: Do you really want to get a blanket from the flight attendant when you have no idea who used it last, where it was stored, and most importantly, when the last time it had a good washing? The Snuggie is available in a variety of style options and folds under and arm perfectly. If you absolutely cannot bring yourself to buy one, try bringing a hoodie in a size bigger and longer than you would normally wear it.


Over-sized Bag

While backpacks seem ideal when flying, its better to have an over-sized bag. They have a generous amount of space with the convenience of bigger inside pockets rather than a hundred smaller outside ones. They are also discourage over packing, since they tend to be more compact and delicate. Your stuff will be tucked away and safe from potential pick pockets, and you have the added relief of not having to open every single one at your security checkpoints.


Custom Design Luggage

So you have made it to your destination, and if you are like me, you want out of that airport ASAP, but with a turntable that has 50 other black luggage cases identical to yours, your dreams of that comfy bed at the hotel are further delayed. Try a luggage case with custom detailing or a design. You’ll see you case right away and be on your way in no time. Can't afford a new luggage case? Customize the one you have! Hit your local art and fabric supplies stores for fabric paint, stencils, and patches that will make your luggage case your own. You’ll be glad you did.


Waterless Toothbrush

While I may love the snacks they pass on thee flight, one thing I could really do without is the aftertaste. Who really wants to taste animals crackers and Sprite the second time around? Get that bad taste out of your mouth with waterless toothbrushes. These small individually wrapped one use teeth scrubbers are a great way to freshen up after eating a snack or waking up (bacteria can pool in your mouth while you sleep) and you can use them right from your seat, no trip to bathroom required! So feel confident that your breath won't knock out the cutie sitting next to you when you finally work of the courage to speak.

So whether you are headed down south to visit family or across the country to get away from them, traveling can be as stressful as your everyday life. While I cannot guarantee that your vacation will be a everything you hoped for, I can say that with these 10 airport essentials, you’re traveling will have been an absolute breeze.

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lol face masks are anything but 'cute'!

Waterless toothbrush is a very good idea for any outing.

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