7 Costumes for Your High School Party ...


7 Costumes for Your High School Party ...
7 Costumes for Your High School Party ...

I love to dress up! As a child I played in my grandma’s dress up clothes for hours on end. I had so much fun! I also loved dress up parties at school. With Halloween so close, I am sure you are looking for the best, most unique costume out there. I took the time to gather my favorites. Let me know if you find a favorite among my choices.

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Medival Ball

Medival Ball Photo Credit: Dominique Robert

No, not a princess! Remember your studies on the masked balls in Early Europe? (Think Ever After!) You could take this costume as far as you want. Have fun! No one will know who you are if you wear the right mask!


Dr. Seuss on the Loose

Dr. Seuss on the Loose Photo Credit: jde-09

This costume would be relatively easy to make. Buy the blue wig, and then use a red t-shirt and round white paper for writing “Thing 1.” This would be fun if you had a best friend to join you with “Thing 2.”



Fairy Photo Credit: FaithTrustandPixieDust

A perfect choice for a girl who wants a little girl feel to her costume, a fairy look could mimic Tinker bell. Cute, insane, easy to make or buy, you will be happy with choice. Who will be Peter Pan?


Pick a Time Era

Pick a Time Era Photo Credit: adobemac

Try going 80’s, like the photo, or you might like 60’s, or even 50’s with a poodle skirt. If you are shy about dressing up, try an 80’s style. Everyone will wonder if you’ve gone mad in your fashion!


Wig and Glasses

Wig and Glasses Photo Credit: PiggyBackHQ

The easiest costume out there is a wig! Throw on some funky sunglasses you can pull off a Farah Faucet look. Go Charlie’s angels! This could be another time capsule.


Jack Sparrow

Jack Sparrow Photo Credit: ..? àbd?l?ziž ?..

With a new release of Pirates coming soon, bring Captain Jack Sparrow back to life with a pirate costume. How would you do the beard?


Alice in Wonderland

Alice in Wonderland Photo Credit: ?Phoebe Finds Beauty

Fun and easy! Wouldn’t it be cool if several of your friends dressed up as the other characters form Alice? Have your self a merry little tea party and enjoy your friends!

I hope you found a costume idea you can use this year. Please let me now what you thought of these. Did you like any of them?

Top Photo Credit: milena01

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Thanks for this great post. :-) I especially like number one on this list. @ Erin - I have to agree with you on that one. When I went in the Halloween costume shop the other day, most of the girls were in the "smaller outfit" section.

At the parties I go to, I've never seen someone dress up. Even at halloween, it's more of an excuse for girls to wear smaller outfits with a theme.

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