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7 Cute Jeans for Tweens ...

By Jennifer

Where do you go to buy jeans when you’re a tween? Stores for older girls aren’t any fun, and stores for younger girls only have clothes for babies… so you shop at Justice for Girls, a store with clothes just for tweens! They have the cutest clothes, and they fit the best! Here are 7 cute jeans for tweens from Justice…

Table of contents:

  1. justice for girls heavy stitch skinny jean
  2. justice for girls pyramid stud destroyed boot cut jean
  3. justice for girls decorative stitch roll cuff skinny jean
  4. justice for girls color skinny jean
  5. justice for girls super skinny tie dye jean
  6. justice for girls destroyed skinny jean
  7. justice for girls destructed denim jegging

1 Justice for Girls Heavy Stitch Skinny Jean

Price: $42.90 at
These are traditional skinny cut jeans in a pretty dark wash, made of heavy denim with visible top stitching and a cute design on the back pockets. These look great with light-colored tops and flats, or with a cute fuzzy sweater and boots.

2 Justice for Girls Pyramid Stud Destroyed Boot Cut Jean

Price: $39.99 at
The boot-cut jeans are also a dark wash, but they feature a row of pyramid studs along one hip pocket and several “destroyed” details on the front and back. Wear with a button-down tucked in and a cute vest, or with a fitted plaid top and a hoodie.

3 Justice for Girls Decorative Stitch Roll Cuff Skinny Jean

Price: $37.99 at
I love these skinny-fit jeans! They sit just below the natural waist and have a rolled cuff, which looks perfect with engineer or combat boots. They also have really unique stitching on the pockets at the hips, and the back pockets button closed.

4 Justice for Girls Color Skinny Jean

Price: $14.99 at
I love skinny jeans in fun colors for wearing with black or white without being boring! These skinny jeans are available in faded purple, pale blue, or olive. I’d suggest wearing the olive with a black Henley and black boots. Very cute!

5 Justice for Girls Super Skinny Tie Dye Jean

Price: $39.90 at
These are very skinny jeans with a super-cute tie dye pattern… these are perfect for a Boho tween. Wear them with a loose peasant top with embroidery around the neck, a braided leather bracelet, and flip-flips or flats and a slouchy bag.

6 Justice for Girls Destroyed Skinny Jean

Price: $42.90 at
These light-wash jeans are so comfortable! They look great, too, with a tee and hoodie, or with a graphic tee and a long-sleeved shirt underneath. They’re faded, with a few “destroyed” details, and a classic five-pocket design.

7 Justice for Girls Destructed Denim Jegging

Price: $37.99 at
These jeans are perfect for wearing under a skirt or a long top, because they’re not really bulky — they’re more like leggings! These are also great for tucking into boots, because they’re super-skinny so they won’t be bunchy or uncomfortable at the bottom.

Those are just a few of the cute jeans at Justice for Girls, the best store for clothes for tweens! Which of these jeans do you like best, and why? What would you wear them with? Or is there another store you like better for buying jeans (if you’re a tween)?

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