8 Pairs of Colored Denim Jeans for Spring ...

Jeans have long been a staple for women. And colored denim is slowly making a comeback. So, of course NOW I feel guilty about donating those gold, snakeskin printed jeans that I held on to for years past their prime.

The following eight pairs of bottoms will put a little spring in your โ€œthe warm weather is hereโ€ step:

1. Meet Me at the Mulberry Jeans

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Price: $64.99 modcloth.com
Regardless of the location of your next meet-up, these mulberry-shaded jeans by Cheap Monday will keep you looking chic โ€“ and dateable โ€“ throughout the spring. Thereโ€™s even a slim pocket for your mints (nobody likes bad breath on a girl). Hopefully your relationship lasts twice as long as the colored denim trend.

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