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While I heartily disapprove of wearing pajama pants in public (they look so sloppy!) I am a big fan of wearing nice lounge pants in the house. They’re stylish (in case friends stop by unannounced) and are, of course, supremely comfortable without looking lazy. I’m always on the lookout for lush lounge pants, and I’ve found so many lately that I love! Here are 8 comfortable lounge pants…

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Aerocentaria Lounge Pants

Aerocentaria Lounge Pants Price: $48.00 at anthropologie.com
These super-soft cotton lounge pants by Eloise are ideal for wearing on a lazy Sunday, with an adorable avian-themed design and a drawstring waist. Wear with soft-sole flats and a long cardigan and tank, or with flip-flops and a pale blue tee for an even more relaxed feel.


Time Will Tell Lounge Pants

Time Will Tell Lounge Pants Price: $48.00 at anthropologie.com
These lounge pants offer extreme comfort with the added bonus of style. I love the geometric design (are those hourglasses?) and the rich mauve hues. The ribbon drawstring adds a feminine touch, and the price tops off the list of why these loungers by Lilka are a must-have.


Meringue Lounge Pants

Meringue Lounge Pants Price: $58.00 at anthropologie.com
What a gorgeous texture! How very soft! These are comments from actual owners of these loungers, which I trust implicitly, and can’t wait to add to once my pair arrives in the post. They’re a lovely neutral ivory color, ideal for pairing with a long sweater and flats, or with a slouchy tee and flip-flops at the beach house.


Pamper Me Pants

Pamper Me Pants Price: $58.00 at anthropologie.com
You’ll love these lounge pants so much, you’ll want to wear them all the time, everywhere, but resist: they’re not meant to be worn outside! They’re made of a soft, stretchy French terrycloth by Pure & Good, with a fold-over waistband and elastic cuffs at the ankles. They’re slightly cropped, and have a pleated front, and come in two pretty colors, grey or brown.


Rising Scallops Sleep Pants

Rising Scallops Sleep Pants Price: $48.00 at anthropologie.com
The rows and rows of gorgeous grey and violet scallops on these sleep pants remind me of the sea. They’re made of a soft cotton with strands of shiny silver Lurex woven through, and feature a drawstring waist and a comfortable, wide leg fit.


Brewing Storm Pants

Brewing Storm Pants Price: $48.00 at anthropologie.com
These grey loungers by Pure & Good are ideal for staying in, not so good for wearing out. They feature a lightly pleated front and pocket-less back, cropped length, and lightweight construction. Can you think of a better pair of lounge pants for taking cover on the couch all day long?


Line-Hung Loungers

Line-Hung Loungers Price: $78.00 at anthropologie.com
These lush grey loungers by Bordeaux feature a drawstring waist, side pockets, a drapey fit, and thick cuffs at the ankles, giving them an urban chic appeal that lasts far longer than your afternoon siesta on the sofa. Pair them with a slouchy Pink Floyd tee, a statement necklace and flats for a day in, or with a cropped jacket, that same necklace and clogs for a day out and about in comfort and style!


Lenient Lode Loungers

Lenient Lode Loungers Price: $68.00 at anthropologie.com
Choose from blue-grey or moss brown, either way, these lounge pants are sure to make a statement while you remain comfortable. Note the cargo pockets on the side, and the slightly above-the-ankle length. I’d wear these with strappy sandals or soft oxford shoes and a cropped off-the-shoulder sweater, and though I love the moss brown color, the blue would be just as versatile, comfortable, and chic.

Those are just a handful of the comfortable, super-stylish lounge pants at Anthropologie, and I adore them all, especially that first pair. Which of these loungers do you like best, and would you wear them at home, out, or both?

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I do wear lounge pants in home for the same reasons you mentioned here.Loved #3 and #1.

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