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7 Reasons to Love High-Waisted Skirts ...

By Rebecca

They’ve been back for a while and opinion is still divided. I personally adore the 21st century take on the high-waisted skirt, but I know there are girls out there convinced this look guarantees them a three-foot long butt. Ladies, it’s not true! The classic higher waistline can be super versatile and flattering, and to prove it I’ve compiled a list of 7 reasons to fall in love with it …

1 Diver-skirt-y

The high-waisted skirt comes in a variety of designs from flirty and flared to no nonsense pencil cuts, sexy secretary style. Trust me girls, there’s one out there to suit you, and when you find it, you’ll never want to take it off. Keep trying them on until you find that one magical skirt... then buy it in every colour.

2 The Silhouette

Whichever cut you go for, the high-waisted skirt emphasises a stunning feminine shape. So flaunt your curves! If you have a boyish figure with no natural curves, create an hourglass illusion by pairing your skirt with a wide belt and a looser tank top of tee.

3 Pick ‘n Mix

Versatility is the key benefit of any skirt, and higher waisted cuts are no exception. Pair yours with a different top everyday to create a whole range of looks for a fraction of the price! All you poor student stylistas out there this is your answer.

4 Flatter-rama!

The higher cut waistline draws attention away from the stomach, especially if your skirt has a little flare in it. Look for styles with a wider waistband to shrink down your midsection and flatten that stomach, and go for thigh-skimming mini to show off those fabulous legs.

5 Day to Night Appeal

A simple high cut skirt can be a real foundation in your wardrobe. Find one in a solid, versatile colour –navy, black or grey – and take it from chilled-out day wear to snazzy evening gear in no time at all. For added glam, simply pair with a dressier shirt. Lace, ruffles and sheer fabrics work fantastically well.

6 The Chic Factor

Because it emphasises the classic hourglass shape and harks back to a time before the hipster had been invented, the waisted skirt brings a little timeless elegance to an outfit. This is an item genuinely designed to work with the female form, and for that reason, it’ll make any girl look well-dressed.

7 Cropped

For the more daring among you ladies, the higher cut waist brings with it a whole new way to wear your cropped tees. This 90’s inspires trend is heating up urban streets and can look fab. Before you try it out though girls, make sure the waistband of your skirt doesn’t cut into you: avoid unattractive bulges by buying only in your size. An unsightly bulge can completely undo the most clever cropped ensemble.

What are your thoughts girls? Do you love or hate the higher cut waist? Get into the debate ladies; let me know what you think!

Top Photo Credit: foxandfeathers

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