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8 Chic Shorts for the Summer ...

By Alison

Summer's been a bit slow coming, but here in Spain it's finally turned very warm (I hope you all get some nice weather too!). I spend three months of the year in shorts and t-shirts, so I'm always on the lookout for some fab shorts. Here I've picked out some cool pairs.

1 Bibi Chemnitz Floral Summer Shorts

Bibi Chemnitz Floral Summer ShortsPrice: $109.91 at
*Gulp* at the price – but aren't these the cutest shorts? Perfect with a simple white vest, as shown in the picture. They could also be matched with a green, blue or lilac top, to pick out the colors in the pattern.

2 Top Shop Rose Print Tie Dye

Top Shop Rose Print Tie DyePrice: £8 at
Now the price is certainly right with these shorts! I’m not normally a fan of tie dye, but this print has got it just right. I love the darker colors, which would suit someone who likes to look a bit alternative while still keeping cool.


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3 Top Shop Animal Print

Top Shop Animal PrintPrice: £10 at
Another winner from Top Shop! With my penchant for animal prints I just have to get these fab shorts. Again, these would look great with a black or white vest, and would be perfect to pack for a beach holiday.

4 Next Grey Studded Shorts

Next Grey Studded ShortsPrice: £30 at
You just can’t go wrong with denim, and these shorts have some great details that make them stand out. Not only are they gray, instead of the usual blue, but the studded trim on the leg adds an interesting touch.

5 Red Herring Gingham Turn-up Shorts

Red Herring Gingham Turn-up ShortsPrice: £20 at
No boring beige here! This gingham pair is so stylish. I love the black stitching, wide waistband and three buttons. These would look fabulous for sightseeing, or for weekend wear.

6 Red Herring Pewter Sequin Shorts

Red Herring Pewter Sequin ShortsPrice: £18 at
Of course, shorts don’t have to just be for day-wear. You’d definitely need a perfect pair of pins to pull this one off, though! If you’re a keen clubber, these would see you through many a night out.

7 Roxy Love Shorts in Porto

Roxy Love Shorts in PortoPrice: £22.75 at
This is a really cool brown leaf print on a white background. A nice touch is the good-sized pockets. There is also a matching belt, which saves the bother of looking for one.

8 Roxy Beach Bright Turquoise Shorts

Roxy Beach Bright Turquoise ShortsPrice: £14.99 at
Now for a splash of color! You can opt for hot pink if you prefer, but I’m going for this turquoise pair. Bright without making everyone around you pull out their sunglasses. They look sooooo comfortable too.

Time to retire your boring old shorts and replace them with some fab new ones! I hope this has given you some ideas and inspired you to look at the fantastic range out there.

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