7 Must Have Cute Shirts ...


7 Must Have Cute Shirts ...
7 Must Have Cute Shirts ...

Where would we be without shirts? Yeah, we’d probably be nude, so it would be a good idea to put one on. I wear shirts every day. Don’t you? I have 7 must have cute shirts that I think you should wear! Get ready to want to change shirts below!

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Calvin Klein Jeans Top, Scoop Neck Short Sleeve Sequin Beaded Tee

Calvin Klein Jeans Top, Scoop Neck Short Sleeve Sequin Beaded Tee Price: $49.50 at macys.com
This is a cute sequin beaded tee. It is white, has short sleeves and a scoop neck. I think it would be great to wear to the zoo or the park paired with either blue jeans or a jean skirt. What do you think?


Divine Jewel Tattoo Tee

Divine Jewel Tattoo Tee Price: $2.00 at wetseal.com
This is ninety five percent cotton and five percent spandex. It’s blue, cute and at WetSeal! It has a nice heart with roses on it. It’d go great with a pair of blue jeans. I’m not big on T-shirts, but I am sure some of you will like this one.


Nation LTD Oregon Tee in Steel

Nation LTD Oregon Tee in Steel Price: $99.00 at pinkmascara.com
I always thought baggy shirts – when done in the right style – looked sexy. This one definitely has some sex appeal to it. This one has “relaxing” written all over it. Is it something you would wear?


Ruffled Tunic

Ruffled Tunic Price: $88.00 at shop.nordstrom.com
This one isn’t that bad. It’s a basic ruffled Tunic. It is black and has frilly ruffles going down it. It’s a V-neckline. It has shorts, puffed sleeves. The front buttons up.


Juicy Loves Las Vegas T-Shirts

Juicy Loves Las Vegas T-Shirts Price: $72.00 at juicycouture.com
This is one hundred percent cotton and it is a charming T-shirt. If you love Vegas, then you definitely have to have this one. I think every girl who loves Vegas has at least one shirt that says it. It has a city themed graphic sketch on it and you can’t forget about the perfect fit and the cute short sleeves that make this T-Shirt great for a casual yet flirty look.


OUI Paris Tank

OUI Paris Tank Price: $10.19 at forever21.com
This is a soft tank top that has a cute girl that is obviously from Paris on it. It is one hundred percent cotton. If you liked number 3, then you should get number 2 as well.


Frilly Black Shirt

Frilly Black Shirt Price: $71.00 at zappos.com
Out of all of the shirts that I have included for you on this list, I would have to say that this one is my favorite. This is black, frilly and is are see-through. It is definitely my style. Of course, you would want to wear a shirt under it or you would be showing all of your “treasures.” I think it’s pretty.

There you have 7 cute shirts. Number one is my favorite. Again, I don’t really like T-shirts, some of them are too plain to me, so I tried to pick the T-shirts that aren’t so plain. Which one is your favorite? If you don’t have one that is your favorite listed on here, then feel free to post a link showing one you like.

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I din't like any of them.

Wow, 6 of these 7 shirts would have been considered "in" about five years ago, but certainly not now. Unless you're a tween or a 40-something divorcee who rediscovered bar hopping. The black tunic is the only one remotely fashionable.

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