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7 Must Have Cute Shirts ...

By Melanie

Where would we be without shirts? Yeah, we’d probably be nude, so it would be a good idea to put one on. I wear shirts every day. Don’t you? I have 7 must have cute shirts that I think you should wear! Get ready to want to change shirts below!

Table of contents:

  1. calvin klein jeans top, scoop neck short sleeve sequin beaded tee
  2. divine jewel tattoo tee
  3. nation ltd oregon tee in steel
  4. ruffled tunic
  5. juicy loves las vegas t-shirts
  6. oui paris tank
  7. frilly black shirt

7 Calvin Klein Jeans Top, Scoop Neck Short Sleeve Sequin Beaded Tee

Price: $49.50 at
This is a cute sequin beaded tee. It is white, has short sleeves and a scoop neck. I think it would be great to wear to the zoo or the park paired with either blue jeans or a jean skirt. What do you think?

6 Divine Jewel Tattoo Tee

Price: $2.00 at
This is ninety five percent cotton and five percent spandex. It’s blue, cute and at WetSeal! It has a nice heart with roses on it. It’d go great with a pair of blue jeans. I’m not big on T-shirts, but I am sure some of you will like this one.

5 Nation LTD Oregon Tee in Steel

Price: $99.00 at
I always thought baggy shirts – when done in the right style – looked sexy. This one definitely has some sex appeal to it. This one has “relaxing” written all over it. Is it something you would wear?

4 Ruffled Tunic

Price: $88.00 at
This one isn’t that bad. It’s a basic ruffled Tunic. It is black and has frilly ruffles going down it. It’s a V-neckline. It has shorts, puffed sleeves. The front buttons up.

3 Juicy Loves Las Vegas T-Shirts

Price: $72.00 at
This is one hundred percent cotton and it is a charming T-shirt. If you love Vegas, then you definitely have to have this one. I think every girl who loves Vegas has at least one shirt that says it. It has a city themed graphic sketch on it and you can’t forget about the perfect fit and the cute short sleeves that make this T-Shirt great for a casual yet flirty look.

2 OUI Paris Tank

Price: $10.19 at
This is a soft tank top that has a cute girl that is obviously from Paris on it. It is one hundred percent cotton. If you liked number 3, then you should get number 2 as well.

1 Frilly Black Shirt

Price: $71.00 at
Out of all of the shirts that I have included for you on this list, I would have to say that this one is my favorite. This is black, frilly and is are see-through. It is definitely my style. Of course, you would want to wear a shirt under it or you would be showing all of your “treasures.” I think it’s pretty.

There you have 7 cute shirts. Number one is my favorite. Again, I don’t really like T-shirts, some of them are too plain to me, so I tried to pick the T-shirts that aren’t so plain. Which one is your favorite? If you don’t have one that is your favorite listed on here, then feel free to post a link showing one you like.

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