8 Cute Graphic Tees for Kids for Back-to-School ...


8 Cute Graphic Tees for Kids for Back-to-School ...
8 Cute Graphic Tees for Kids for Back-to-School ...

I can’t think of many things cuter than a little kid in a graphic tee and little jeans for back-to-school, can you? This year, my daughter’s been begging for a bunch of them to wear under her plaid shirts, and I’ve been happy to buy them. We’ve narrowed her list down from a couple of dozen of cute graphic tees, and now we’re trying to decide which of these we like best. Here’s our list of 8 cute graphic tees for kids for back-to-school (or for anytime!)…

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Cookie Loves Milk

Cookie Loves Milk Price: $10.00 at kids.threadless.com
Kids love milk and cookies, and now we’ve discovered that cookies love milk, too! This tee is so cute, and is my daughter’s favorite! It’s sweet and adorable, and would look so cute on a little girl or boy.



Equestrian Price: $10.00 at kids.threadless.com
Oh so cute! A little teddy bear rides his unicorn over rainbow hurdles… the world’s most adorable little equestrian! Choose this design on a baby blue or light pink tee, or a melon-colored hoodsie for a baby. Perfect for any little princess who dreams of riding horseback!


Dandy Lions

Dandy Lions Price: $10.00 at kids.threadless.com
These eight proud lions are dandy indeed! They float on balloon strings with expressions of varying degrees of delight, looking like they’re mounted as hunting trophies, but of course, they’re not! This is also perfect for a boy or a girl.


The Day the Fire Brigade Went on Strike

The Day the Fire Brigade Went on Strike Price: $10.00 at kids.threadless.com
This is a little kid’s idea of what would happen if the fire brigade went on strike, with the elephants and one good-sport giraffe chipping in to put out the fires and keep everyone safe. Choose this design on a black or navy tee or hoodsie.


So Far, This is the Oldest I Have Ever Been

So Far, This is the Oldest I Have Ever Been Price: $10.00 at kids.threadless.com
It makes sense, but it’s still so clever! My little girl loves this shirt but mostly because she knows the grown-ups who see it think it’s funny. Choose from a white, pink, navy, or fuchsia tee, or a pink or light blue hoodie, a white or cream onesie, or a light blue or pink hoodsie. Wouldn’t this make a great christening or first birthday gift?



Camouflage Price: $10.00 at kids.threadless.com
This isn’t a bad disguise, but it’s probably not the best way for a bear to camouflage himself. But he’s on a mission for sweet honey, and this helpful little bee might know the way! Again, choose this design on a variety of tees, onesies, and a hoodsie.


Fake Pandas Have More Fun

Fake Pandas Have More Fun Price: $10.00 at kids.threadless.com
This is one of the graphic tees my daughter just has to have, being slightly panda crazy right now. I love the design and wish I could find it in my size! It’s such a clever graphic, and would be great for kids of all ages… even as old as me!


Homework Evidence

Homework Evidence Price: $10.00 at kids.threadless.com
This tee provides a visual representation of the infamous “the dog ate my homework!” excuse. Ah-ha! There, you can see, the dog really did eat my homework! I wonder if my little one has a bright future as an X-ray technician ahead of her…

Aren’t all of these graphic tees adorable, and wouldn’t they be great for back-to-school? My daughter’s already chosen the three that she wants (the pandas, the dandelions, and the milk and cookies), but which ones do you think your little one will want? Which do you like best? Please let me know!

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I agree those are out of style but come on it's for kids no one would call the fashion police

#4, #6 and #8 are hilarious. #8 I'll wear on my presentation day if given a chance.

Evidence for homework is cute. Ha ha!

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