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7 Suave Neckties for Your Man ...

By Jordin

Is trying to get your man to wear a necktie like attempting to find a needle in a haystack? He says they are so uncomfortable. Or maybe he complains that they are too stiff and business like for his laid back, easygoing style. Either excuse, he won't be able to use it when you present him with one of these suave neckties and whisper how irresistible attractive he will be when he puts it on. These neckties have class and grace and are just right for your man!

1 Stripe Design

Stripe DesignPrice: $17.95 at
This striped, classy looking tie is a great eye-catcher! Your man will be the center focus of the room when he walks in-which is great for you because you'll be on his arm! This tie has so many different colors in it; it can be worn over and over with different shirts to look brand new every time!

2 Checkered Hot Spot

Checkered Hot SpotPrice: $15.99 at
You know all those college geeks we find ourselves madly in love with from the movies? You know the type, big glasses, jeans, sneaks, and really cute hair? Have your man put on a button down shirt- preferably one with diagonal stripes to contrast with the dots on this tie, and jeans and you will have your own hot college geek remake! PS: leave the shirt un-tucked so it doesn't look stodgy.

3 Preppy Pink

Preppy PinkPrice: $13.99 at
Who says pink is only for woman? I am a firm believer that guys can wear it too! After all, women wear blue, right? As long as it's in moderation and with taste, pink can be unbelievably hot on your man. So grab this tie and pair it with a black or gray button up then tell your man to put it on and take you out for dinner!

4 Fire-engine Red

Fire-engine RedPrice: $18.95 at
You've always heard it said that red is a sex symbol for woman but why can't it be for men too? This little number is practically screaming, "Hey baby!" and paired with a blue and white pin stripe shirt it also has mega class. Solid color ties are always an effortless breezy look for men.

5 Camouflage Tie

Camouflage TiePrice: $16.95 at
So he thinks ties are girly huh? Well, wonder what he'd think if you show him this manly looking thing! He'll feel like a regular GI Joe, and if your husband is in the military, you could really help support the cause!

6 Bright Orange

Bright OrangePrice: $9.95 at
This tie is more for the young at heart than anyone! The bright, vibrant color would be perfect for any season, but especially fall. Think orange pumpkins, weenie roasts and hayrides! Guaranteed to bring cheer into any room he wears this beauty into, it's a must have for your man!

7 Novelty Tie

Novelty TiePrice: $17.95 at
This tie will bring a smile to the face of anyone who sees it! Most men are still little boys at heart, and novelty ties are one way to bring that out in a little more grown up way than say, action figure collections. There are tons of different novelty ties, so look around and find one with your sweetheart's favorite character.

Regardless of your man's taste in ties, be it classy, preppy, fun or downright boring, there's a tie out there for every man. However, he may not be concerned with trying to find it if XBOX or motorcycles rule his life so its up to you! These 7 suave neckties will give you a starting place! Which one of these would your man love?

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