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8 Funniest Cat T-shirts ...

By Alison

Being a cat person, I have quite a few t-shirts with a feline theme. One of my favourites is a cat reclining, with the slogan ‘I don’t do mornings’. How true! Anyway, you can never have enough t-shirts, so I’ve picked out some great cat tees for my fellow moggy fans to look at.

1 Dangers of Catnip

Dangers of CatnipPrice: $14 at
All responsible parents know that they should educate their children about drugs. But have you ever seen a cat high on catnip? Every good cat owner should do the same, or Tiddles may turn into a junkie. As the t-shirt says, ‘If you don’t tell your cat about the dangers of catnip, who will?’

2 Clever Kitty

Clever KittyPrice: $30 at
Cats are pretty intelligent, it’s true, but I’ve never yet seen one wearing glasses. This is a fun design though, and we all know glasses are a sign of intelligence (yes, I wear them!). What I also like about this design is that the tee is a ¾ sleeve design – I prefer full-length myself, but it does make it a bit different from the normal tee.


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3 Cat Hair is Part of My Wardrobe

Cat Hair is Part of My WardrobePrice: $12 at
Oh, how true this is. In fact, it’s not just part of my wardrobe, it’s on the furniture, the bedclothes, and I‘m forever sweeping it up from the floor. I once picked up so much hair from the corner of the bed where my cat likes to sleep, that I think I could have made a lifesize model with it. For each purchase, a donation is made to a Nebraska animal shelter.

4 If You Want a Friend…

If You Want a Friend…Price: $12.98 at
… Get a dog! Now I happen to think that cats make great friends, although it does depend on the individual. This tee did make me smile, though, with its design of a cat looking rather contemptuously over its shoulder.

5 Cutely Psychotic

Cutely PsychoticPrice: $20 at
Now, is that referring to the cat or the owner, I wonder? Either way, I love this black tee with its stylised image of a cat in red. Cats do seem to know that we love them even though they destroy our houses and savage us …

6 Talk to the Paw

Talk to the PawPrice: $14 at
That look of total indifference or contempt a cat often gives you (if it bothers to look at you at all) is beautifully summed up in this phrase. Talk to the paw! This is another t-shirt for which a donation will be given to charity.

7 Cat V Dog

Cat V DogPrice: $9.99 at
This is a little bit rude, so be careful where you wear it, as it’s sure to offend parents and grannies. For anyone who thinks that cats are better than dogs, though, it will be a lot of fun. No need to guess which side I’m on.

8 Terrible Tee

Terrible TeePrice: $20 at
And if you’ve ever wondered just what your cat gets up to when he goes out, this tee may reveal the shocking truth. He carries a knife and smokes catnip … looks like he’s hanging with the wrong crowd!

Tees are a staple part of my summer wardrobe – do you wear slogan or picture tees as well? What is your favourite?

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