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8 Top Dresses for Your Little Girl ...

By Melanie

I will tell you this right now, my little 5 year old girl, Ariela loves wearing dresses. She loves dressing up, even when she isn’t going anywhere. She gets all dressed up with nowhere to go. Well, if you have a little girl in your life, then you know exactly what I am talking about, because I am sure your little girl does the same thing. Below, I am going to give you the top 8 dresses for your little girl. For a little added note, I have Ariela next to me picking them out for me! So, you have advice for your little girl coming from my little girl! There are a lot of “oohs and aahs” coming from my little girl over these dresses!

8 Aline Dress with Vine Embroidery with Corset Back

Aline Dress with Vine Embroidery with Corset BackPrice: $49.99 at
If your little girl is going to be a flower girl or has a special event coming up, then this dress will be sure to fit her! This dress is made out of rich satin and the sleeves are spaghetti straps. Putting a cute shirt in order to cover up the spaghetti straps would look beautiful.

7 Aline Dress with Vine Embroidery with Corset Back

Aline Dress with Vine Embroidery with Corset BackPrice: $49.99 at
This one really is beautiful. I love the embroidery that is going down the middle part of it. It is a zipper back, so she will need some help with it!

6 Beautiful Red Dress

Beautiful Red DressPrice: $158.00 at
This is a beautiful red dress for sure! It comes from the Sweetie Pie Collection. It has a satin pick-up skirt, extensive beading at the neckline, scattered beads throughout the skirt and spaghetti straps. It’s perfect for the big event in your life!

5 Red V-Neck Poly Silk Dress

Red V-Neck Poly Silk DressPrice: $58.95 at
The girl in your life deserves to have a special dress for a special day. This is a lovely red dress that is perfect for a holiday party. The poly-taffeta gives the dress a soft feel. Oh yeah and when she is wearing it, you will not want to forget that camera!

4 Satin and Tulle Petal Dress

Satin and Tulle Petal DressPrice: $73.00 at
This dress is really gorgeous! The prints going around the bottom of it really does grab the attention. The bow on the back is stunning! Without it, it would be a normal white dress! What do you think of it?

3 Pageant Dresses - Posh Angels

Pageant Dresses - Posh AngelsPrice: $538.00 at
If your little girl is in a pageant, then the dress she wears should be special. Yes, I know this is a $538.00 dress, but it is worth it, because it is a day that you and her are never going to forget. My daughter really loved this dress! She got so excited when she was picking it out for my blog! She told me that she wishes it was in purple. Purple is her favorite color.

2 Pageant Dresses - Perfect Angels Collection

Pageant Dresses - Perfect Angels CollectionPrice: $360.00 at
My little girl got excited when she saw this one! She draws to those stripes! She loves the pink with the black and white on the dress. It’s perfect for the princess in your life. Do you like this one? I think it would look great.

1 Beautiful Fuschia / Black Dress

Beautiful Fuschia / Black DressPrice: $318.00 at
This one is beautiful. It is at number 1, because it really grabbed Ariela’s attention! It has beaded detail, three double tiered circle organza skirt and taffeta bodice. Where would a little girl wear this to? I know that if I got this for Ariela, she would not want to take it off! You know how little kids are.

That is my little girls list of 8 dresses for little girls. She picked every single one of them out. Don’t you think she did a great job? I do. So, call your little one over to the computer and let her tell us which ones she likes!

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