10 Dresses Men Love ...


Now that the Summer is here, it’s time to start investing in the super cute dresses that will get you through the season looking cute, sexy and stylish! I love dresses… the right ones make you look great, and simply need some heels and a few accessories, and you look good to go. Which gives you much more time for having fun and getting a tan! My boyfriend's friends are always criticizing dresses, though, so I took a big group of men through the shops to find out which styles they love, and here they are, the 10 dresses that men love!

1. TFNC Pleat Front Floral Bandeau Dress

TFNC Pleat Front Floral Bandeau Dress

Price: $59 at asos.com

This bandeau dress is very flattering, and surprisingly, all the men loved the print! The centre ruching gives you an enviable stomach, its length makes your legs look super long and all you need to add is some cute heels and you're ready to go. It’s no wonder that the men loved this dress, I love it too!

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