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5 Forever 21 Fun Stuff to Buy...

By Meream

1 Cocktail Rings

The bigger, the better. And yes, wearing them all at the same time is imperative. Take cues from Becs of Style with Benefits.

2 Nautical Bikini Bandeau

Scroll to the third photo to see what I'm talking about (or the top image here). I poked around Forever 21 to see if they already sell the bikini top. It seems that we might still wait for some time to be able to buy this.

3 Denim Short Shorts

Here is a cheap find courtesy of Erika. I am definitely going for the Forever 21 pair because they cost only $24.80. The color is better, too!

4 Black Dress

I am referring to the black piece with a crocheted neckline. Very sweet and demure on the front but when you turn around, the dress gets its flirt on.

5 Beaded Lace Top

I am drooling over this lace top, I have to be honest with you. The detailing and the color and the lace! Very decadently Roaring Twenties, yes?

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