5 Pearl Pieces Every Girl Should Own ...

A pearl with its inherent romantic aura is a classic if you ask me. The right piece of pearl jewelry will instantly transform you into an elegant goddess and that's what makes it a definite must-have for every woman's boudoir. And if you haven't found the right pearl jewelry for you, we can help...

We discovered Ladiesfair.com, a fabulous website that specializes in high quality pearl jewelry made of handpicked gemstones, each piece more unique than the next that are in tune with the latest fashion and are bound to bring out the elegance in both the gem and the wearer. Here are five of my favorites that I think every girl should own!

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Price: $1227.60
If this is your first time buying (or thinking of buying) pearl jewelry, I would suggest a solid classic pearl necklace such as this.Great quality Akoya pearls with a 14k white gold clasp which can glam up even the most drab dresses. Simple elegance at its best!

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