7 Pretty Watches ...


7 Pretty Watches ...
7 Pretty Watches ...

I love watches, especially because I happen to be less-than-perfect when it comes to scheduling and time-keeping. Luckily, not only does my cell phone have a clock, I own lots of wrist watches and pendants! Watches are great fashion accessories, aside from being helpful, and I’m always on the lookout for a new one. Here are some I’ve spotted recently, and have been eyeing to buy… here’s my list of 7 pretty watches…

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Paul & Joe Brass Cat Watch Pendant

Paul & Joe Brass Cat Watch Pendant Price: $295.00 at net-a-porter.com
So cute, so charming, so useful! This delightful little kitty dangles from a silver chain, adding a little feline charm to any of your summer ensembles. I love his glittery blue eyes, and his adjustable-length chain makes him attractive with a number of necklines.


Oasis Steel Chunky Link Watch

Oasis Steel Chunky Link Watch Price: £30.00 at asos.com
How can a watch this chunky still be so feminine and so pretty? I’m not sure, but I love it! It’s all shiny, sleek steel with a rectangular face and silver hands, but no numbers. I’d wear this with just about anything, but probably something black and boy-friend cut…


Fiorucci Rear Window Watch

Fiorucci Rear Window Watch Price: £50.00 at asos.com
Add a little retro pin-up style to your wardrobe with this pretty, eye-catching watch! I love the vintage-inspired graphic on the face, and the polka-dot band is a perfect match! The heart charm is adorable, too… and, just in case, it’s also water-resistant and comes with a 2-year warranty.


Accessorize Heart Pendant Watch

Accessorize Heart Pendant Watch Price: £25.00 at asos.com
No-one will know if you’re trying to be stylish or punctual, or both… whichever they choose to believer, you’ll know you’re wearing it because you love the sweet heart shape and the extra glitter of the rhinestones around the face.


Guess Jumbelina Watch

Guess Jumbelina Watch Price: £129.00 at asos.com
This glittery watch reminds me of my Gran’s charm bracelet. Every time you look, you see something new… I love this watch! It’s all a jumble of G- charms, each one as glittery and sparkly as the next. The face is surrounded by more rhinestones and crystals, so it will add shine to all of your outfits…


How Soon is Owl Necklace

How Soon is Owl Necklace Price: $23.99 at modcloth.com
He may look like a sweet little necklace, but this little Hoot has a secret… he can also tell time! His tummy, hidden beneath the clever folds of his wings, is a timepiece. His gold-tone chain measures 25 inches, perfect for layering with shorter, less punctual jewelry.


Don’t Metal with Me Watch

Don’t Metal with Me Watch Price: $27.99 at modcloth.com
What a clever way to wear the hot studs trend! This watch features a very on-trend look, and would be perfect with your favorite rocker-chick outfit! I love the color, half pewter, half copper, and it’s so chunky!

Which of these watches do I want most? Hmm… perhaps the Metal watch… or the Owl? I can’t decide! Which one do you like best, and what would you wear it with? Please let me know!

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O: I love the watches as pendants and the owl >< SO CUTE!

I love number three!

I thought number three was Katy Perry!

i'm actually inspired to go out and buy a watch now! i've never owned one in my life!

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