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5 Rings for Your Pretty Little Fingers...

By Meream

1 Natural Beauty

These will make you look like you have one beautiful bit of the good Earth around your ring finger. I am drawn towards the blue/gold design. Which one do you like?

2 a Cross to Bear

I am not a big fan of rings with dangling components but I might just make an exception for these cross rings. Very hip with just the right amount of Goth.

3 Designer Got Arty

Check out these YSL Arty Smarty rings and tell us you don't find these pretty. Again, I'd go for the blue ones. I may be having a blue period...

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4 Rawr-worthy Bling

The only animal ring I own right now is an owl silver piece. Methinks I need to get me one of these leopard ring. Love the eyes!

5 All Wired up

But why buy when you can make your own cocktail ring? With wires and beads, you 'll soon have more rings than your pretty little fingers can wear at the same time.

Which of these rings tickle your fancy? Have you found rings lately that your pretty little fingers cannot wait to wear? If you got a link somewhere, we'd love to check it out.

Top Photo Credit: discothequeconfusion

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