7 Perfect Vintage Looks ...


7 Perfect Vintage Looks ...
7 Perfect Vintage Looks ...

I swear, I believe I was born a few decades too late. I am so in love with all things vintage! I would give a lot to be able to dress in a different vintage look every week! One of my favorite online websites to get vintage insprired pieces is www.shopruche.com but there are many others like www.anthropologie.com and www.urbanoutfitters.com
Here are a few of my favorite vintage looks!

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Vintage Bride

Vintage Bride Photo Credit: ~Phamster~

There is something about old-fashioned wedding things that is so romantic! I love to look at antique photos of a bride and groom, all solemn and dapper in their beautiful outfits! If you haven't married yet, consider having a vintage wedding and have your guests dress up as well. You can choose a time theme, like the 20's or 50's and have a wonderful, memorable day with friends and family!


Vintage Hats

For some reason, I can't seem to find a hat that I can pull off very well, but I haven't given up! There are many different beautiful, vintage hat styles to choose from like cloche hats, wide brim straw hats, flapper cloche hats, top hats, fedoras and many more!


Vintage Plaid

The key to pulling together a good vintage country look is to throw in some plaid! A plaid shirt, plaid skirt, or even a plaid coat like what is pictured will be so cute on a fall day!


Vintage Military Look

The military double-button look is extremely nice and can be well played in both casual and dress!


Vintage Gloves

Gloves used to be an item a lady never left her home without. It was considered improper at one time to take them off except for eating! Now, it is a fad of the past, but I do wish they would come back into use a little more than they are. You can purchase some at places like modcloth.com


Vintage Headpieces

Vintage Headpieces Photo Credit: thenewclotheshorse

I love the huge variety of vintage insprired hair pieces that are available! From headbands to small hairpins, you can get so many super cute looks! Accessorizing hair is something I wish I could do more of!


Vintage Jewelry and Other Accessories

Don't be afraid of the big bows, belts and baubles until you have tried them on. You just might surprise yourself! I have!

Old-fashioned vintage clothing is making a huge comeback, so hop on board and start dressing the part! Do you have a favorite vintage piece you can share with us?

Top Photo Credit: thenewclotheshorse

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Thank you for introducing me to Ruche! I have been searching for a site which emulates my style for YEARS, and now, here it's been all along! Amazing, thank you xoxo

the style is coming back & its cuutee. I love the styel & how it compliments all girls(:

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