7 Perfect Vintage Looks ...

I swear, I believe I was born a few decades too late. I am so in love with all things vintage! I would give a lot to be able to dress in a different vintage look every week! One of my favorite online websites to get vintage insprired pieces is www.shopruche.com but there are many others like www.anthropologie.com and www.urbanoutfitters.com
Here are a few of my favorite vintage looks!

1. Vintage Bride

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Photo Credit: ~Phamster~

There is something about old-fashioned wedding things that is so romantic! I love to look at antique photos of a bride and groom, all solemn and dapper in their beautiful outfits! If you haven't married yet, consider having a vintage wedding and have your guests dress up as well. You can choose a time theme, like the 20's or 50's and have a wonderful, memorable day with friends and family!

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