7 Hot Looks for Every Groom to Rock in Style ...

Just like us brides our grooms have their own look as well, not every groom wants to wear the traditional black tuxedo. He can be funky while he rocks hisconverse sneakerswith a Fedoraor he can be cool **and simple with a nice grey J.Crewtailored suit. Check out these **7 hot looks for your groom and he'll be sure to walk down the aisle in style!

7. Cool and Calm...

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Photo: J. Crew

Vest: $98.00 Pant: $ 118.00

This groom is very simple. He looks so cool and dapper in his grey vest that he doesn't need a suit jacket, but he completes his nautical look with a pair of chino boat shoes and a knotted rope boutonniere as he says I do on the deck of the SS Katahdinin Maine. Is your groom tying the knotin gray?

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