5 Awesome Wedding Dance Videos ...


5 Awesome Wedding Dance Videos ...
5 Awesome Wedding Dance Videos ...

Most first dancesongs are slow, romantic, and predictable. But lately we have seen shows like "Dancing with the Stars" and "Rock the Reception" that make us want to prove we can dance too. Here are 5 awesome wedding dance videos that will make you want to move!

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The Way You Make Me Feel...

Their first dance of "Better Together" by Jack Johnsonstarts off sweet and kind. They play it cool as the guests think the dance is over. Then the romance that is in the air turns quickly into a fun, sexy first dance to "The Way You Make Me Feel"by the late Michael Jackson. Both the bride and groom have great dance moves. This surprise is one of my favorites and one we may have to try out on our guests!

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You're the One I Want...

I love how the bride and groom flow to the beautiful voice of their first dance song "Lovely"by Michelle Tumes. You can tell the bride has a secret to tell but wants to share this special moment with her new husband. As "You're the One I Want" begins to play the bride and groom are overwhelmed with excitement as their bridal party joins them for their cool rendition of the "Grease"carnival scene. I love the pink conversethe bride pairs with her beautiful lace gown, a little bit romance, a little bit rock n' roll!

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Bride and Bridesmaids Get Sexy...

This bride and her bridesmaids entertain the guests with a sexy yet classy show as they dance to Enur'shot song "Calabria". Watch to the end for a cute surprise that has guests in the background laughing and remembering this night all year long! I think I need more bridesmaids to pull this off!

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Lights, Camera, Dance...

"At Last"by the remarkable Etta Jamesis a favorite first dance song for many couples, but it surprisingly becomes shadowed by the dance and light show this hip-hop couple throws down for their guests. I love when they show grandmom standing up in the background trying to see what's going on... she wants a piece of the** action **too! They end it with "Motown Philly" , a song this Phillygirl loves by Boyz II Men.

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Crank That...

I love how this couple starts and ends with again the favorite wedding song "At Last" . Everyone loves that this slow and predictable dance turns into a fun and exciting event when Soulja Boy's "Crank That" gets the party started! This couple really knows how to crank it and who would have thought the groom knew how to do that!

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Which song would you rock out to for a surprise first dance?

Top Photo Credit: Toddpelloweblog.com

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Hi Ave, I really love the first video and Michael Jackson's "The Way You Make Me Feel" is one of my favorite songs! We just have to take a few dance lessons first! :) Thank you for stopping by AllWomenStalk. Which one do you love? Happy Holidays.

Hi Shakti! I love the bride and bridesmaids too! Thank you for the congrats and always visiting the site and leaving wonderful comments!

By the way Diana, how long is going to be until your wedding?

Cool post. I liked the #3 most.Even the Hip-Hop couple is good. Congratulation for the new start of your life soon.

Ooo yaaay! You did the dance post! Loved all of them! Especially the bride with her bridesmaids! The end was too cute.Some of these brides and grooms are so talented!!

Hi Tavia, 5 more months until our wedding!! I can't believe it feels like it's almost here! Thanks for checking out my posts. Hey Sheila, I had to do a dance one when I found all these cool videos and esp. since my friend (you) asked for them! HEHE! These brides and grooms can really rock huh and I love the bridesmaids one too...cute and funny! Hi Xannyyy, Could you see you and your fiance doing one of these dances? Or having your bridesmaids do that?! I love the first one, its sweet. :) Thanks for always checking out AllWomenStalk!!

nice videos. there's also another one that starts off like this but ends up with the "baby got back" song. it's too adorable!

Thanks ladies! Yeah I like the one in church too, I just figured everyone has seen that one already and I wanted to show something a little different. These are more slow first dances turned into fun entertainment!

Tavia: You mean the wedding march where the entourage danced to a Chris Brown song? Yeah, I loved that! I tear up every time I watch it. Haha Love these videos, Diana. :D

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