12 Alt Rock Wedding Songs ...


12 Alt Rock Wedding Songs ...
12 Alt Rock Wedding Songs ...

I’m not in the market to be married anytime soon but with spring here I can think of plenty people who are. Maybe your tastes are a little more rock and a little less Frank Sinatra. If that is the case, I have good news for you! Here are 12 Alt Rock songs that would be perfect for a wedding

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Cherry Blossom Girl – Air

Cherry Blossom Girl – Air This song can be found on their Talkie Walkie album which was used to provide most of the music to the film The Virgin Suicides. An airy song about a guy longing to be with a girl would fit quite nicely into a wedding playlist.


Brighter than Sunshine – Aqualung

Brighter than Sunshine – Aqualung If you follow Ashton Kutcher’s career closely, then this song should be familiar. It was in his 2005 romance comedy Alot Like Love. The melody is great and the lyrics about a woman’s love being brighter than sunshine are perfect.


Part One – Band of Horses

Part One – Band of Horses Most people that listen to Band of Horses would tell you that "Part One" just screams bride and groom slow dance. I am one of those people. A slow steady melody and a voice laced with emotion get my vote!


Postcards from Italy – Beirut

Postcards from Italy – Beirut Most people haven’t heard of Balkan folk, but will readily admit that they like it after hearing this song. It’s a beautiful song with trumpets, accordions, horns and other sounds you can’t quite make out that come together flawlessly to get you moving without being annoying.


First Day of My Life – Bright Eyes

First Day of My Life – Bright Eyes I have a friend that says Bright Eyes front man Conor Oberst sings like a sheep. I don’t agree but will admit that he has a different kind of voice. It’s the lyrics of this song that make it ideal for a wedding. Conor sings about the day he fell in love being the first day of his life. Can you get any more romantic than that?


A Girl like You – Edwyn Collins

A Girl like You – Edwyn Collins This 1994 hit is great for a wedding. The lyrics are sharp and clever and it has a faster tempo that makes it perfect for dancing. I can see the whole wedding party getting down to this one.


Set You Free – Frightened Rabbit

Set You Free – Frightened Rabbit This is actually a cover of a house/techno song. The version by Frightened Rabbit has tenderness to it that the original isn’t able to pull off.


Reasons to Love You – Meiko

Reasons to Love You – Meiko Meiko’s voice is soft and sincere. The lyrics are sweet and I can’t think of a single reason that this shouldn’t make a everyone’s wedding playlist.


I Adore You – Melpo Mene

I Adore You – Melpo Mene I’m pretty sure that this song was used in a car commercial. But that's no reason it can't make your wedding playlist, right?


The Dress Looks Nice on You – Sufjan Stevens

The Dress Looks Nice on You – Sufjan Stevens This beautiful song showcases Sufjan’s talents as a musician perfectly. The soft instruments combined with his voice create a pretty soundtrack to a special moment. And what better day to tell a woman that a dress looks nice on her?


In My Place – Vitamin String Quartet

In My Place – Vitamin String Quartet Photo Credit: B Tal

In My Place is a originally a song by my favorite band, Coldplay. Vitamin String Quartet strips it of the lyrics leaving just the melody beautiful played by violins. It’s absolutely perfect for a wedding march.


Gotta Have You – the Weepies

Gotta Have You – the Weepies Photo Credit: superhero

It’s slow, calm and ideal for a couple’s dance. A delicate song about nothing else in the world satisfying that need for happiness but the special person that you love – I don’t know how much better it can get.

These are the songs I’d personally use if I had planned to walk down the isle. Are there any alt rock songs you’ve heard or plan to use at a wedding?

Top Photo Credit: smoothdude

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Anberlin does some amazing love songs :D

Bright eyes makes my knees weak. First day of my life always makes me forget about bad things :)

You are the only one I love by jaymay :) it's cute & lovey :) Then everything by lifehouse is like omy perfect :) gets me teary eyed :) jason wades voice :)

Scorpions- You & I! When I heard this song for the 1st time.. I could imagine myself walking down the aisle with this song playing in the background.. lol!... Lets get back to reality.. P.S-Listening to it right now

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