Top 15 Best Choreographed Music Videos ...

I love to dance! When I see music videos I am looking only at the choreography. Here are some music videos that have the best choreography... enjoy!

1. Fatboy Slim – Weapon of Choice

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I love this video! It is so hilarious and the dance moves are untouchable. Christopher Walken is clearly having fun. I started cleaning my house to this song and doing my own silly dance. This video is a classic!

2. Aaliyah- Are You That Somebody?

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One of her best dancing videos. Aaliyah made dancing look easy, didn't she?

3. J. Lo – Love Don’t Cost a Thing?

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J.Lo is one of my favorite artists. I love to see her dance. Her choreography is so fun and she shows that she can really move! I think it’s the Latin in her! Go J.Lo!

4. Janet Jackson – Rhythm Nation

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Janet! Excuse me, Ms. Jackson, always comes through when it comes to the dances in her videos. It will take me days to learn any of her moves. This video is one of her best videos. The level of difficulty in this video is crazy!

5. Michael Jackson – Thriller

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Michael Jackson! The greatest in dancing, he really created his own movements and they complimented his music very well. How many of you sat at home or still sit at home trying to learn this routine?!

6. N SYNC – Bye Bye Bye

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N SYNC were already pretty hot but I think they’re dance moves made them hotter! I love this video. My favorite part in particular is the hand gesture at the “Bye Bye Bye” part in the song.

7. Backstreet Boys – Everybody (Backstreet’s Back)

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This video is hilarious. It was definitely a stepping up point in their career. The theme of the video along with the choreography made it one of their best videos. As I watched it again, I noticed they were ballroom dancing at one point. Dancing with the Stars better watch out!

8. Madonna – Don’t Tell Me

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Madonna is definitely a great dancer at her age. I like the cowboy theme in the video. The dance moves remind me of being a bar and line dancing.

9. Beyonce – Single Ladies

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This video was made for choreography. It was all about dancing and once you see the video you can’t help but want to learn each move.

10. Shakira – She Wolf

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Shakira moves her body in ways that I didn’t know a woman could move her body. She’s very exotic with her dance moves. I like this video because her choreography looks original.

11. Ciara– like a Boy

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Ciara is so dominating when she dances and she is not afraid to take risks. This is my favorite video of Ciara’s. I like how she plays both roles as a dancer, the sexy female dancer and then the more laid back male dancer.

12. Britney Spears – Hit Me Baby One More Time

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Oh baby baby. Britney Spears made her debut with this video and she came out strong. She let the world know that she was here to entertain! And she looks so cute...

13. Usher – You Don’t Have to Call

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My favorite part in this video is when Usher and the 2 guys are on the floor laying down dancing. Usher is so creative with his choreography, none of his videos are the same.

14. Chris Brown – Wall to Wall

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I love Chris Brown! His dance moves are unique and it sets him apart from Usher, Michael Jackson and Omarion. I love this video!

15. Omarion – Touch

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Omarion is so hot but the girl in the video dancing with him steals the show. She definitely let him know she can be sexy as well as tear up the dance floor just like him. They had good rhythm together.

Which of these videos are your favorites? What are some of your favorite dance videos? What makes good choreography to you? Please let me know!

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