10 Best YouTube Clips of 2010 ...


10 Best YouTube Clips of 2010 ...
10 Best YouTube Clips of 2010 ...

I’ll bet you $100 that you’ve seen already these clips tons of times, and another $1000 that you can already guess #1. If not, you’re welcome.

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Retail Rage at Eaton Centre

Have you ever gotten angry because you’re standing outside of your favorite store at the exact moment your clock lands on the store’s supposed time of opening, only to find that the door still isn’t unlock? Me either, but this might be what that feels like.


Annoying Orange

Ugh…this is so annoying. And hilarious. And stupid. And addicting. And if you haven’t seen this yet, I’ll bet you show it to someone today.


The Old Spice Guy

This commercial is ridiculous. Look at me. This commercial is also amazing. I’m on a horse.


The Rent is Too Damn High Party

The best part is this is a real party he started. Count how many times he actually says “the rent it too damn high.” It’s crazy. Almost as crazy as his sick facial hair. If he had scored as many votes as this clip has hits he’d be the new governor of New York, and we’d have years of clips like this to look forward too. Unfortunately, New York didn’t see it that way.


Best Cry Ever

Yes, I feel bad about laughing at this, and so will you. The goods news is that you won’t feel bad about it at all by the 10th or 11th time you see this, and trust me, you’ll get there.


Sesame Street by Lil John

I couldn’t find a censored version so don’t watch this with the kids. Actually, even if it was censored I wouldn’t recommend this for the little ones, but it did make me and my friends laugh hysterically as we facebooked this thing into over and over again.


Basil Marseaux

Unfortunately, this guy is also the real deal. He’s so weird and senseless. I wish I could personally thank whoever wrote the equal-time law into the books, otherwise none of us would know who this guy is. Before you ask, no he was also not elected, and I’m surprised because his platform is so solid.


Jimmy Kimmel on Jay Leno’s 10 at 10

This clip is what won me over to Kimmel’s side. I was a long time Conan watcher and when Leno pulled the rug out from under him I got all fired up, so seeing Kimmel rip Leno a new one was especially satisfying for me. I hope that it is for you as well.


Double Rainbow

I wish I could get this excited for anything. Literally anything. Ok, I’ll probably be that excited for the next Batman movie, and after this, I hope to God no one around has a camera.


Hide Your Wife, Hide Your Kids

Everyone in the country has seen this by now, so yes, it’s pretty old news, but everyone saw it for a reason. It’s that hilarious. This is a serious situation; the guy is just so ridiculous about how he handles it that it turned into Internet gold. I mean, this clip was so big it spawned Halloween costumes. Wow. I know what you’re thinking and yes, the Bed Intruder song is great too, but personally, I’m a bigger fan of the original clip. Either way, GENIUS!

There they are as I see it. Think anything 2011 has in store can top the Bed Intruder? My fingers are crossed.

Top Photo Credit: topgold

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My God that orange is really annoying

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