7 Most Sensational Unsolved Murders in History ...


7 Most Sensational Unsolved Murders in History ...
7 Most Sensational Unsolved Murders in History ...

Murders tend to always make the headlines. Some of them stay in the spot light for years and years; sometimes decades or centuries. The following list includes the 7 most sensational unsolved murders in history that I recently came across. If you are easily creeped-out, then you might want to not read the descriptions below.

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The Death of the Beautiful Cigar Girl

Edgar Allan Poe was inspired by the death of Mary Rogers and wrote ‘The Mystery of Marie Roget’ the year following the discovery of Mary’s body. She was admired by many men and mysteriously disappeared in the fall of 1838. Mary was thought to have committed suicide, thanks to the stir created by the local papers. She returned to work a few days later. Her second disappearance occurred during the summer of 1941. Mary’s body was found floating down the Hudson River three days later.


Evelyn Hernandez

Evelyn was 9 months pregnant when she and her 5 year old son disappeared in 2002. More than two months after their disappearance, Evelyn’s body was found floating in the San Francisco Bay, but her unborn child and little boy were both never found. Talk about gruesome!


Shroud of Turin

This is supposedly a shroud that bears the image of a man. This large piece of linen was once thought to be the burial shroud of Jesus, but carbon-dating begged the differ. The unknown man was severely tortured and suffered great physical trauma while lying on the shroud. Though this is considered to be an artifact, the origin of it began with the murder of an unknown man and it still puzzles people today.


The Black Dahlia Murder

Elizabeth Short was dubbed ‘The Black Dahlia’ because of her dark hair and the dark clothing she was known for wearing all the time. She dated many men, but it’s said that she always refused to sleep with them. Elizabeth was dropped off at a hotel by a friend and never seen alive again. Her body was found in a park in California. She had been severely beaten and cut in half. 9 days later a box with her belongings in it came in the mail to the Examiner. There have never been any clues as to who the killer was.


The Lake Bodom Murders

Four teens were camping next to Lake Bodom in Finland on the night of June 5, 1960. All four were attacked, but only one survived. The fourth teen was considered to be a suspect in the murders for quite some time, but the actual identity of the murderer still isn’t known.


The Parents of Lizzie Borden

Lizzie was thought to have been the murderer of her father and step mother, since she and the maid were the only ones at home during the two murders. The jury later acquitted Lizzie and left the case unsolved. The murders brought about a poem, which many people recognize when they hear it. Supposedly this poem was made up in order to sell more newspapers.


JonBenet Ramsey

After all these years, I still see images of her now and then on the tabloids at the super market. She was a six year old little girl who competed in many beauty pageants for kids and was found dead in her parents’ basement. JonBenet’s parents had reported her missing 8 hours before her body was found in their basement. Her parents were suspected of the murders for the longest time, but eventually they were cleared. It still sounds rather fishy to me.

If you went ahead and read the 7 most sensational unsolved murders in history that I’ve posted above, I hope you don’t have nightmares tonight! What do you consider to be the most sensational unsolved murder you’ve heard about?

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These murderers are really sick in the head

they put her to bed and then they woke up the next day and found a Ransom note and their daughter missing. later on the police and her father found JonBenet dead in their basement. The window there was open and she was sexually assaulted, everything in that case was handled so bad that it is hard for actual crime investigators to get a good trail on who could have actually done it. I'm not saying the parents didn't do it, but there was so little evidence to support that they did.

Such sad stories. I feel for the families. The one that bothers me a lot is the unsolved murder of the innocent JonBenet. I am still hoping that some day we will be able to know the truth. I don't understand how these sick minded people who committed these crimes can sleep at night, and carry on from day to day. My prayers go out to all.

Creepy. But Mary Roger cant be alive through 1838 to 1941.

Elisa Lam! Poor girl. Something really bad happened to this her

actually the JonBenet Ramsey story, completely different. The media just blew everything out of the water and basically made all these false allegations to make the public think that it was the parents who had murdered her. No evidence was found that her parents killed her, and the police handled the whole investigation very poorly.

I agree about the JonBenet Ramsey case. It does seem fishy. Why did the parents wait so long to report their child's death? And if they weren't home, why on Earth was their little six year old daughter ALONE??

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