8 Moments of My Life I'll Never Get Back ...

Have you ever had one of those moments in life that take so much time and energy, and seem so pointless in retrospect, you're kind of PO'd that you'll never get them back? I was thinking about that the other day, and actually came up with a list. Some of them, naturally, are more than a moment I'll never get back, but you get what I mean. On the one hand, at least the list isn't very big. Still, there are several moments of my life I'll never get back, and I thought I'd share them with y'all!

1. The Three-Month-Long One Night Stand

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All right, so this wasn't actually a one night stand – obviously. But, at age 19, in a moment of severe bad judgment, I hooked up with a guy that I absolutely could not stand. I was going through a really awful time – still getting used to college life, I'd just broken up with my high school boyfriend, whom I believed to be the love of my life (I was vastly incorrect), and I was really down on myself. This all culminated into an awful trainwreck of a relationship with this guy who should have gone away within a week at most, but ended up hanging around for three interminable months. Ugh!

2. Astrology Class

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I love astrology, so taking the class for one of my science electives in college seemed like a no brainer. At least, it seemed like a good idea until I met our adjunct professor, who was quickly deemed Mrs. Rogers, and who taught us astrology like our classroom was located somewhere on Sesame Street. Most pointless class ever.

3. Trigonometry

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Now, trigonometry is a really great thing – for some people. I know that it's valuable in a lot of areas, for a lot of professions, and a lot of people really love the discipline. Not me. I took this my senior year in high school, when I didn't even need to take another math class – I just thought it would look good on my transcripts. But I hated it, I didn't understand it for the life of me, and I got my first and only F during one of the six week grading periods. Killed me!

4. Watching You Again

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I was so excited about this movie. I love Sigourney Weaver so much, I think Kristen Bell is hilarious, and Jamie Lee Curtis is always fun. I rented this the other night, though, and it was just … it was flat. It wasn't even bad, it was just forgettable. I want my $4.99 back, not to mention the minutes I spent trying to get into the film!

5. Reading Paint It Black

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I am a huge fan of Janet Fitch, whose White Oleander was one of the greatest novels I've ever read. Her follow up, however, just bit the dust for me. It was like she was trying to make it the photo negative of White Oleander, but the characters were largely flat, and I never managed to get pulled into the story.

6. My Ex-BFF

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I've complained about this before, but it's because it's still depressing. Every breakup sucks, even when you're breaking up with a friend. I wish I had every moment I spent with him back, because in retrospect I realize that I was the only one giving anything to the friendship. Other friends tried to tell me so, but I didn't realize it until I moved away from the guy, only to realize that I never heard from him unless he had another tragedy.

7. A Month at Babies R' Us

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I would like to say that I learned a lot during my month in retail. I would like to say that I learned to be a team player, to be responsible, and what breast pumps to recommend to mothers to be, but I learned none of these things. I learned how to waste six hours a day bored out of my mind, however, how to smile when I really want to use lots of bad language and direct it at someone, and that I am never again going to be snide or bitter or snarky to any cashiers ever again.

8. Conversations about Hotel Managers

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A few weeks ago, the Better Half, our friend Andrew, and I were driving to Salem, with me in the back because I am short and don't need extra leg room. The two of them work together in sales for a well known hotel brand. They spent the entire journey discussing various hotel managers in the region they represent, telling anecdotes, comparing hellish experiences, and studiously ignoring the fact that I had no clue who or what they were talking about.

The neat thing is that, even though I'll never get back any of these moments, they at least gave me an idea for a post! Maybe you can sympathize with some of these moments of my life I'll never get back. If not, though, why don't you share some of your own?

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