10 Actors and Actresses to Watch out for in 2010 ...


10 Actors and Actresses to Watch out for in 2010 ...
10 Actors and Actresses to Watch out for in 2010 ...

I love movies! And I love actors and actresses that make every film worthwhile. It seems like every new movie has a hot new actor or actress in it. I’m always waiting for the next big person to fall in love with! Here are 10 Actors and Actresses to watch for in 2010!

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Gerard Butler

Gerard Butler I LOVE THIS GUY! He is so HOT! Who can forget those abs in 300? Did you know that he was born in Paisley, Scotland? The Scottish accent just makes him extra sexy. He has starred in "P.S. I Love You," "The Ugly Truth" and you can catch him this year in "The Bounty Hunter" with cutie pie Jennifer Aniston. He has to be one of the sexiest male celebs of 2010!

P.S: Gerard can also sing — I saw him on Jay Leno recently!


Zoe Saldana

Zoe Saldana Zoe has to be one of the coolest chicks to hit the big screen. I so wish I was her BFF! She showcased her skills perfectly in "Avatar" which you must watch if you haven't yet. And do you remember when she starred in "Drumline" alongside Nick Cannon? How cute was she then? Although "Avatar" wasn’t her debut film, it sure has opened doors for future opportunities. Keep your eyes on Zoe, she’s going far!


Bradley Cooper

Bradley Cooper I could get lost in his eyes, and I wouldn’t mind it at all! This baby blue eyed hottie is definitely making a name for himself and is totally lust worthy. He has starred in "He’s Just Not That Into You," and even as a guy who’s married and cheats on his wife, you can’t help but think he's hot. You can catch him this year in the upcoming A-Team movie...


Kristin Stewart

Kristin Stewart Kristin Stewartis definitely an "it" girl! Starring in the biggest movies ever ("Twilight" and "New Moon"), it’s hard to resist her! She definitely seems to have her own way of wowing the public. This spring she’ll be playing in "The Runaways" alongside Dakota Fanning about an American all-girl teenage rock band that performed in the 1970's.


Robert Pattinson

Robert Pattinson What can I say about this guy? Just one look and you’re hooked! He is the definition of sexy! His bone structure, the physique... Need I say more? While he made for one hot vampire, he’s also taking his acting to another level with a more serious role, so be sure to check him out in "Remember Me!"


Gabourey Sidibe

Gabourey Sidibe Gabourey is here to stay! Her breakthrough role in "Precious" was amazing. No wonder she’s already in the process of working on her next role! She is also to star on a TV series “The Big C.” No date yet as to its release but stay tuned...


Lance Gross

Lance Gross When he smiles, it lights up my day! He’s gorgeous! One of the leading stars on Tyler Perry’s "House of Payne" sitcom, he’s also playing in "The Family Wedding" alongside America Ferrera which is in theaters now...


Rachel McAdams

Rachel McAdams Rachel! Rachel! Rachel! I love how she transforms! She never looks the same when you see her.My favorite movie with her is "Mean Girls" and even then she was flawless and refreshed.She can play any role given to her and she does it well. See her later this year in "Morning Glory" with Diane Keaton and Harrison Ford!


Shia LaBeouf

Shia LaBeouf Shia LaBeouf is back and this time he is not going anywhere! I love his bearded look. Makes him look older and so much more yummier! He will be gracing us with his presence later this year in the film "Wall Street" with original "Wall Street" cast member Michael Douglas. It is such a shame that Shia isn’t single... I would love to cuddle up next to him and watch "Transformers!"


Katherine Heigl

Katherine Heigl I love Katherine Heigl! I have seen 27 dresses 2700 times... She’s sexy and cool and hilarious on the big screen! I had no idea she came from "Grey's Anatomy!" But I will totally go buy all the seasons now just for Katherine...

Who’s your favorite on this list? Who didn’t make the list that you will be watching for in 2010? Please let me know!

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I agree with most of this list, except for 8 and 10 lol.. but then again maybe i've just been missing their stuff lol

kristen, katherine and rachel :) i love 27 dresses!

I love Gerard, Rachel and Katherine!! Good list :D

Gerard Butler and his accent are both ridiculously hot!

Gerard Butler and his accent are both ridiculously hot!

Gerard Butler and his accent are both ridiculously hot!

Kristen Stewart is so beautiful and talented. She, as well as Robert Pattinson, will both shine in 2010 and beyond... They are young, beautiful and talented, what a combination!!!

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