8 Sexiest Female Celebrities of 2010 ...

There are many sexy female celebrities of 2010, so coming up with this list is not exactly easy to do! I mean, who am I supposed to put on here? Do I put Britney Spears? No, while she does deserve her spot on here, that has been said and done before, more than once. So, I am putting a lot of thought into this blog posting and trying not to put the females I see appear a lot in other blogs, yet know at the same time that they deserve to be on the list of 8 sexiest female celebrities of 2010!

8. Kiera Knightly

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Who is Kiera Knightly? Do you remember "Pirates of the Caribbean" and "Atonement"? Those are the roles she is the most famous for. Why did I decide to put her on the list? This is a swachbuckling lady that landed her spot on this list because she is talented, smart and of course, sexy. She is climbing her way up the list and in a couple of years, I have a feeling she will be well known.

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