6 Kristen Stewart New Moon Red Carpet Looks to Love ...

Remember when Kristen Stewart wore Converse shoes with some short dress at the MTV Movie Awards? Somehow, the look blended all her awkward characters, Bella included, and her real awkward self. Yeah, that was hideous. But I believe that people can change and in Hollywood, change sometimes means a new stylist, or even just a better grasp at fashion. Thankfully, this has happened to Kristen, as these New Moon red carpet photos will show. Granted, she needs lessons on posing and smiling for the cameras, but aren't these dresses lovely?

1. LA

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Doesn't her Oscar de la Renta dress look pretty? I am loving the black-white/ash dresses that she has been wearing to these premieres. If only she just stands with a straight back. She would have been more dazzling on the red carpet, no?

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